Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV launched in India

Vu, quite a popular TV brand now in India has unveiled a new LED TV in the market, following the success of its Pixelight and PremiumSmart Series- The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV. California-based Smart TV maker Vu Televisions has launched the Vu Quantum Pixelight which has a maximum brightness at 1500 nits. In its segment, the Vu Quantum Pixelight is the brightest LED TV and comes in two sizes- 65-inch and 75-inch. As per the company, the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV will offer an immersive life-like TV viewing experience, providing a vibrant color gamut and great picture quality using quantum pixel technology. The Vu Quantum Pixelight TV is priced at Rs. 2.6 lakhs for 65-inch and Rs. 4 lakhs for the 75-inch model.

In terms of build and design, the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV comes with a pure metal build and as mentioned earlier, has a very high brightness level. In terms of resolution, it has an Ulta HD display and in terms of audio, it comes with Dolby Audio to provide audio effect through 55,00 speaker holes. As it is a smart TV. the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV supports 4K Streaming and One-Touch Access to Netflix and YouTube.

Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV launched in India

Commenting on this breakthrough product, Devita Saraf, Founder and CEO said, “Our latest Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV is powered by 1500 nits offering viewers a vibrant and true to life picture quality. The combination of the highest level of brightness along with local dimming creates a completely new and unique contrast be it in extreme darkness or brightest light settings. The Smart LED TV has a complete metal design that is outstanding and is based on the cutting-edge technology for the customer of today who do not settle for anything less than the best. Power packed with 55,000 sound holes, 4K Streaming and UHD, the all-new Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV is sure to appeal to customers with its luxurious design and engaging viewing experience.

The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV premiered at a recently held TEDx Pre-Event dinner in Mumbai. The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV Smart TV is based on Vu Technologies’ user-friendly Premium Smart operating system. The Quantum Pixelight LED TV is available at VU flagship stores and Vu’s exclusive online partner Flipkart.

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