LG Signature OLED TV

Today, as the United Nations recognizes November 21 as World Television Day to celebrate the power of television as an extremely important information delivery medium, the number of televisions is increasing, despite the fact that people are enjoying their favorite TV shows, news and movies on smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, which are lightweight and possess extreme mobility.

As more and more innovations come along the line, while manufacturing and designing process of a TV, LG signature OLED TV with smart technology, a beautiful but super compact design is now a reality. The LG Signature OLED TV’s key message is that of simplicity and perfection. The OLED technology represents a seismic shift in television design, utilizing a light source made from organic material to allow each pixel to both lights up and turn off individually. The perfection in design and technology together make this TV the official device for Technicolor’s color mastering, the Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos deliver the perfect blend of outstanding picture and sound quality along with the support of all HDR Format (Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, SDR to HDR conversion). The concept of perfect color on perfect black is a key feature of the OLED. The OLED uses the latest WebOS user interface which is highly compatible and provides seamless, intuitive navigation and unlimited entertainment options.

LG Signature OLED TV

That’s not all, the operation and control of many devices using the Magic Remote is a way to make things simple, with point and click feature, the ability to scroll and use gesture or even voice commands. All these, combined makes it a lot user-friendly. The MultiView feature splits the screen and maybe while you are getting bored during an ad break, you may like to check your emails or browse social media.  You can now enjoy the latest and most popular 4K services like NetFlix, Amazon Prime videos along with unlimited regular content access via YouTube.

LG Signature OLED TV

The OLED technology isn’t a completely new thing as it has been around 30 years since it came into existence, but right now it is rising to prominence. LG is a long-standing leader in the OLED field and has been the number one manufacturer of large display panels for 30 consecutive years.

LG has launched its innovative range of cutting-edge televisions called OLED this year. They are here to redefine the viewing experience, by being a unique synthesis of functionality and aesthetic excellence. The brand LG is one of the most respected brands that strives to bring in new technological breakthroughs constantly. With the introduction of the OLED, the brand has ushered in a new wave of high-performance and design leadership.

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