If you’re planning to buy a water heater and if it has become a necessity for you to own one, it is important to know which one to buy and why? It is important to have awareness about them if you want a years-long running product and at the same time, it may not result in heavy energy bills in the longer run. While traditional water heaters used to be huge in size and there was no limit on them when it comes to energy consumption, their modern counterparts are very compact in size yet offers big storage capacity and are energy efficient in nature and produce the right level of hot water the consumer may need.

How much Hot Water Does a Family needs?

It is very important to know how much hot water you need for you and your family for daily household chores. Without knowing and understanding that, you might not pick the ideal storage capacity water heater you need.

Ideal Size for a Water Heater!

Let’s first understand the water requirements of a household on an average.

  • Required for Bathing: Consider approx 15 ltr of water requirement per person per bucket
  • If using the hot shower for a bath, consider 25-35 ltr per person for each bath
  • For washing clothes: 40 ltr considering 4 people in the family
  • For washing utensils: 20 ltr considering 4 people in the family
  • For Bathtub: It’s around 30-35 ltr per person per bath

Hence, if I consider 4 people in a family, you can assume around 100-150 ltr of minimum hot water requirement per day, especially in winters.

With the amount of hot water requirement calculated above, it becomes easy to know your requirement of a water heater capacity.

  • If I imagine you have a single bathroom and people taking bath one by one, then the idle capacity requirement for you is 15 or 25 ltr considering the space you’ve in your bathroom and if the supply water temperature is not too low.

  • If the supply water temperature is too low, then it’s it recommended buying a 25 ltr water heater only for one person bath, that’ll also lower down the bathing time.

  • To save time in other household chores, buying a bigger size water heater is recommended. That not only will save time but shall also save energy in the longer run.

  • If you still opt for smaller size water heater, the only difference it’ll make that you’ll have to wait for some more time to heat the same amount of water and considering how much tight schedule everyone has every morning, I personally won’t recommend buying smaller capacity for daily use.

  • However, if you’re considering to have hot water supply in the kitchen, then I would recommend having a 3 or 6 ltr water heater for it.

What kind of Water Heater One Should Buy?

There are different kinds of water heaters depending upon the consumer requirement. The most popular form is a storage water heater which I have discussed above. Others are the Instant and Gas powered heater.

Storage Water Heater

The storage water heater is the most popular form of water heater sold every day. They are most suitable for domestic purposes. These are called storage water heater because it contains a water tank to store the hot water for a significant period of time. You can use the heated water for later use whenever required within few hours range. These are available in various sizes starting from 6 ltr to 50 ltr and comes in two designs i.e. Vertical and horizontal.

If you’ve decided to buy a storage water heater, you’ll also need to choose between horizontal and vertical design based models. There are no pros and cons on selecting any design, select as per the space you have or if any looks you may like. However, with the horizontal design, you can install those at lofts as well. Having said that, it is important to note that the most popular sizes are 15 Ltr and 25 Ltr.

Instant Water Heater

Instant water heaters are one which runs on high powered input and are used to heat flowing water instantly. These heaters have very low storage capacity and are suitable for places where space is a constraint like for Kitchens where hot water is required instantly. Given the fact that space comes at a premium these days and indoor spaces are shrinking with each passing day, instant water heaters are gaining more popularity than ever before.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters are the least used water heater type as it requires a gas connection to run it. Still, they have their own importance for the reason that they make a for a great choice if you are living in an area that faces regular power cuts.

Few Important Pointers to consider before buying a Water Heater

  • Type of Coating on Water Tank
    • Although there are various type of coatings done on water tanks, the most reliable and best option is to have Glasslined enamel coated tanks. With this type of coating, the tank shall be able to resist the corrosion for years and can withstand high pressure from pressure pumps. Such coatings also prevent the formation of scaling inside tanks.

  • Thanks to the innovations, modern water heaters are more energy efficient than the conventional. I would recommend not to settle less than 4 or 5 stars rated water heater with a heating element rated of 2KW for a storage water heater.

  • It is very important to have a heating element in the water heater capable of heating hard water. Hence, these days the ideal heating element comes with a glass-lined coating which not only prevents corrosion but also reduces scale formation and ensures longer life of element even at places with hard water.

  • Speaking of hard water, only glass-lined coated heated element & tank is not enough, a magnesium anode rod is also fitted inside the tank to prevent corrosion attacks and formation of scaling, which ultimately helps in extending the life of the tank.

  • Also some safety features like thermal cut-off (the most common feature), pressure release valve (PRV), Vaccum release valve (VRV), drain valve and non-return valve (NRV). PRV & VRV are required and set to relieve and discharge water automatically in case the water pressure or temperature exceeds the pre-set limits through the drainage. These are also called as safety valves by some brands.

  • It’s good to have a temperature display at the water heater, although I don’t consider it as mandatory.

Which Brand to Consider in India for Water Heaters?

Although there are so many brands selling water heaters, I needed to select one which may not compromise on the quality of the product and may fulfil the pointers I mentioned above along with non-expensive pricing. And Orient water heaters succeeded in satisfying the criteria with correct pricing for which some brands charge a bomb. Orient water heaters come with glass-lined water tank and heating element, can be operated in places with hard water all the time, tick marks all the safety features and is energy efficient, available in 5-star ratings in most models.

Orient Water Heaters Range

Storage water heaters by Orient are available in every capacity i.e. from 6 ltr to 50 ltr and both designs i.e. Vertical and horizontal are available. After sales service of Orient is excellent and the company is offering 7 years tank warranty on select models.

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