Google Translate now support Word Lens in Indian languages
Google Translate now support Word Lens in Indian languages

Google has been working a lot to provide regional support and experiences to users, divided into different segments based on location, language, and other factors. As India is a growing market of smartphone and internet users, Google has now brought the support for 7 Indian languages to Google Translate, which is one of the most popular tools provided by Google to its users worldwide.

Google Translate will now support Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. These languages will now be available along with different features that are available on Google Translate. Now, users can translate a query or question using their voice in these seven languages. Offline Translation on Google Translate is also updated with support for the newly added languages. If you have downloaded the language pack for the language you like, you would be able to translate while you’re not even connected to the internet.

Also, Word Lens, a feature that lets you scan any text and translate the text is now available for these seven languages. So, when you’re in Karnataka and you don’t understand a signboard or any text, just scan and you can translate the same into English. It will also work in offline mode if you have the language pack downloaded onto your phone.

Google Translate now support Word Lens in Indian languages
Google Translate now supports Word Lens in Indian languages

Google has included two languages for its conversation mode on Translate as it allows you to have a conversational mode of translate in Bengali and Tamil. Tap on the microphone to start speaking in one language and then tap it again to speak in another language. Google will automatically recognize the languages and provide results in a conversational manner.

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So, Google is adding Indian languages to its popular product Google Translate to provide its Indian user base a swift, fast and convenient way to travel, talk, learn and engage and the support may be extended to other languages apart from these seven languages in future.

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