LG Airport Robot Introduced at Incheon International Airport, Seoul

If you travel a lot you must have seen kiosks and information desks everywhere in airports, but in Seoul, the heart of South Korea, these will soon may go extinct as the new LG Airport Robot will do the same job of assisting and helping passengers.

This is being done starting today, keeping the Winter Olympics in mind and the trial has started at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, which will be home to two of LG’s latest prototype bots.

LG Airport Robot Introduced at Incheon International Airport, Seoul

The LG robots were first unveiled at CES earlier this year. The Guide Robot will roam the airport terminals, ready to provide travelers with directions and information about boarding times. It is quite intelligent as well as it can speak Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. Users can ask it to scan their boarding pass and show the direction of boarding gate.

The Cleaning robot detects the areas that require the most frequent cleaning and the bot stores those locations in its database to calculates the most efficient routes to get there. The cleaning robot looks like a tank ready to blow everything up.

Here’s a glimpse of the LG Airport robots, from their CES promo video.

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