Air pollution is a big problem right now, in India. Many cities like Delhi and Bangalore have observed a growing level of population which is going up speedily. To combat air pollution in India Atlanta Healthcare, a well-known brand of air purifiers and military grade N99 pollution Cambridge masks in India, has partnered with AirVisual, and the result is the Airvisual Node, which is a smart air quality monitor.

The Airvisual by Atlanta Healthcare is a very compact and highly portable device. The device monitors and suggests measures that user should take to improve the situation. The Airvisual Node air quality monitor has 5-inch LED screen which displays fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, and users can view all data on their smartphones using the AirVisual app, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

In the case of indoor conditions, the Airvisual Node observes the CO2 level and alerts users to take necessary steps to ventilate. It also turns itself into a public outdoor air monitoring station as when it is placed outside, the air quality data is shared with a global network. The app also reports air quality readings and forecasts for more than 10,000 locations around the world, whereas in India, the app reports pollution levels and forecasts for more than 100 locations in major cities across the country. The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node is priced at Rs. 18,990 and is currently available on Amazon India. It will also be available via retail stores soon.

Technical Specifications of the Atlanta Healthcare’s Airvisual Node:

  1. 5-inch LED screen, 800 × 480pixles, True color
  2. Quad-core CPU chip- for advanced signal processing
  3. Battery – Rechargeable Li-ion, 5 hours in standard use, charging using standard micro USB charger which is in the box, power consumption 0.8 mA max
  4. Real-time sensor calibration- based on external factors (temperature, humidity, pressure)
  5. The CO2 sensor of Node is an Infrared gas sensor (NRID) the components of which include an infrared source, light tube, interference filter and infrared detector
  6. High precision laser sensor with airflow control fans for better accuracy
  7. Auto power saving mode
  8. Time network sync
  9. Data logging up to 5 years.

Features of the Atlanta Healthcare’s Airvisual Node:

  • The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Central Monitoring System is a cloud-based application and requires internet connectivity. The system collects data in real-time from all deployed Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual sensors (PM2.5, CO2, temperature, relative humidity) and displays all information from a centralized dashboard.
  • In addition to the real-time data, the system stores all historical data. Its analytics features enable discoveries of possible variations and patterns in air quality that may be related to indoor pollution sources, leakage from outdoors and activities of occupants. The system helps to verify proper functioning of HVAC systems.
  • The system allows users to set customized alerts. With the system, you will be able to manage effectively when to change your air filters and ensure their longest lifetime. The air quality data is easily shared through widgets that can be easily integrated into websites, in 3rd party software like digital signage.

Benefits of the Atlanta Healthcare’s Airvisual Node:

  • By controlling indoor air quality, you run air purifiers only when needed, extend your air filter’s life and save costs on the replacement.
  • Identify air pollution leakage from outdoors in real-time.
  • Differentiate your workplace by advertising good air quality backed up by data.
  • Improve productivity and morale in your workplace.
  • Ensure the health of those under your responsibility and prevent potential lawsuits.
  • Share and promote the air quality within your own website (intranet or internet) and on digital signage screens in your office.

Price and Availability

Priced at INR 18,990 Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node is currently available for sale online at and Atlanta Healthcare’s Website.

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