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As the penetration of Netflix, Youtube, LIVE TV has increased in India, so has the need of smart TVs in India. Why do we need a Smart TV, because it’s so much in trend now, plus we do not want to spend money on a dumb idiot box. Why should we, when we are paying a good amount for it, then it has to be a smart TV, not a dumb idiot box. But big brands like LG, Samsung, Sony has kept the real smart TV costs such high, that most smart TVs has been out of reach for a middle-class consumer. This is where Chinese players like LeEco showed their brilliance in bringing an Android Smart TV (an OS with which people are already aware of) at an affordable price, that they become the first company in India to sell a TV in a flash sale. LeEco is already doing good with the sales of their superphones, and now the Netflix of China (LeEco) is revolutionizing by handing over futuristic technology at the price of a premium smartphone.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 4K TV Review

Why LeEco LeTV is able to clear their first sale in just 3 minutes of their Super3 TV, because of the specs, they’re offering. If you compare specs of a TV having 4K display, Android OS, WiFi support, Smart Remote, Supertainment packages, normally these TV costs above 1.5 Lakhs starting from big players like LG, Samsung or Sony.

LeEco Live TV Features

While similar specs are being offered by LeEco at 55-60K with online cashback offers, it’s hard to skip considering such products while buying a new one. Let’s start with comparison first with models similar available on market:

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55Samsung Series 6 JU6470Sony X90CLG 55UH650T
OSAndroid 5.0 Lollipop with EUI 5.5 TVTizen OSAndroid TVwebOS 3.0
Display55-inch 4K (3840×2160 pixels resolution)55-inch 4K UHD (3840×2160 pixels resolution)55-inch TRILUMINOS 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) Edge LED55-inch Ultra HD 3840×2160 Slim LED
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, SD card slot, VGA input, EthernetWi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, VGA input, 3G/4G Dongle compatibleWi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4 x HDMI 2.0, 3 x USB, VGA input, EthernetWi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, VGA input, Ethernet
AudioDolby Audio, DTS Premium SoundDolby Audio, DTS Premium SoundDolby Audio, S-Force Front SurroundDolby Audio, DTS Premium Sound

Hope this comparison clarify the things I tried to say above. With other companies, you’re not just paying for the product, that includes the brand value too. And not to forget, LeEco is giving display panel of LG only in their TVs.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV Review: Installation

No matter any model of LeEco TV you may buy, it comes in huge secured packaging. The TV itself is heavy in weight, and the TV stand comes in a separate box.

If out of excitement you think you’ll install the TV by yourself, call along a helping hand too, because it is impossible for one guy to take TV out of the box and to install it. Or better wait for the service person to come and install it for you.

Security Lock Kit
Security Lock Kit

Along with TV, in the accessories, you’ll also find a security lock kit. If you don’t want to hang the TV on the wall, rather want to keep the TV standing on the stand, you must get this security lock kit installed, as it’ll protect the TV from falling in case of any mishappening.

When you first time turn ON the TV, it’ll ask basic questions and would require few inputs, very similar to how you setup an android phone. Do connect it to WiFi or LAN with Internet access (not mandatory) if you want to run TV with latest updates. Normally TV takes around 20 seconds for complete boot as it’s an Android TV. To entertain for those 20 seconds, TV shows an animation as shown above.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV Review: Design and Build Quality

Before TV, let’s start with TV stand itself. It’s a big curved stand, entirely made of metal yet it’s light weight. To connect the stand with TV, screws are provided which you need to screw in after attaching that in TV.

LeEco TV Stand
LeEco TV Stand

The length of TV stand is equal to the running length of TV; that’s why this is the most stable stand you’ll ever find for any TV.

LeEco TV Stand Bottom
LeEco TV Stand Bottom

If you look at the bottom of the stand, it has a high quality rubber grip placed at both ends, which stick to any even surface firmly, helping in increase the stability. When TV is resting on the stand, you cannot slide it; you’ll have to pick it up for moving it even for an inch.

LeEco Super3 X55 SuperTV
LeEco Super3 X55 SuperTV

Coming to the design of TV, it’s a 15.5mm thin display with a metallic (aluminum alloy) frame around and a narrow bezel of 6.9mm, it feels solid yet I would recommend taking care of it nicely. Finishing of the TV is excellent, and there are no sharp corners. Hence it’s kids friendly.

LeEco LeTV Logo
LeEco LeTV Logo

There’s also a LeTV logo with backlit which glows on different intensity when TV is ON or OFF.

LeEco Super3 X55 Back
LeEco Super3 X55 Back

At back, it’s complete black and has slots of various inputs provided by LeEco on the TV. You can find the TV model information and the serial number of product here. The bulge at the top is for connecting webcam or any other compatible accessory you may want to connect it with.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV Review: Input/Output Options

LeEco TV Back

Starting with input options, LeEco provides a range of input/output options which you may expect from a premium TV. LeEco TV Input

Starting from viewing at back from left bottom, these are the input/output options i.e. HDMI 2.0 (with support of MHL 2.0), Audio and VGA input from PC, Ethernet 10/100M Lan Port, Audio Out, Audio/Video input (for Set-top box), RF (standard cable) input and SPIDIF (Optical Output).

LeEco TV USB Input

Speaking of USB options, it has SD card input (I attached 32GB microSD card with SD adapter, worked fine, yet maximum supported capacity is unknown), one USB 3.0, One USB 2.0, two HDMI (one supporting ARC) ports and YPbPr input.

LeEco TV Webcam input

At the top, there is another USB 3.0 which can be used for data transfer or attaching a webcam. Since it’s a USB 3.0 port, you can attach an HD webcam and the TV should support it without any issues.

LeEco TV Buttons
LeEco TV Buttons

Just in case, if you want to operate TV without the remote in times of urgency, you can use these buttons provided at the right side of TV. Plus using this power button to turn OFF TV or taking out power plug would mean same thing, as it permanently turns OFF the TV.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV Review: Display and Sound Quality

Speaking of display, this TV has a 55inch sized LG IPS display with 4K [3840(H) x 2160(V) pixel (1 pixel = R+G+B dot)] resolution. It supports viewing angle up to 178° and max brightness level goes to 430nits and with a frame rate of 60 Hz, you can enjoy the most graphic-intensive game on it.

Screenshot from TV

In my experience, TV was able to upscale the content to a good level for serving better picture quality.

Screenshot from TV

With Blue-ray videos and upscaling 1080p videos, you’ll be charmed the quality of it. If you’re shifting from a 32″ or 40″ display, you’ll be surprised by the detail of video content you’ve been missing till now.

Screenshot from TV

Black level on the display is excellent, and color reproduction was good and was not saturated anywhere.

Audio Quality

Speaking of audio quality, it was good. Typically we needed to keep the volume bar above 30-35 for normal TV watching and for gamers, you might require it to keep above 50. However, the bass levels are good and speakers are loud enough at full volume to keep the neighbors furious. However it lacks a custom equalizer settings, but for a more surround sound experience, we would recommend you to have an external set of speakers. Even a sound bar would do, which you can connect to TV via Bluetooth.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV Review: Software and Features

Let’s jump on the part which attracts me most. Having an Android TV has many advantages, it’s like exploring a new horizon of experience of Android with a bigger display. This TV gives you almost the same Android experience which you’re already experienced with. Although the GUI is nothing like Stock Android, as it’s a television and it’s meant to be used by anyone whether it’s a kid, adult or an old aged person.

To make you understand the TV in a simple manner, the GUI divided into 3 screens, i.e.


1st screen display content via Input options like from HDMI, Set-top box, etc.,


2nd screen is of LIVE TV app, where you can watch over 100+ LIVE TV Channels for free (free for 2 years for new LeEco members having the TV), and


The 3rd screen shows the apps and settings interface.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV Review: Features

Let’s start with the sequence they’re displayed on the TV screen.

System Updates


Most manufacturers provide regular updates to their smartTVs in order to survive in the market. Nowadays updates in TV have become equally important like as if on a phone. When this TV has an update, it’ll show a red dot on the screen as shown above. And since, LeEco is good in pushing regular updates to their devices, so this TV will also keep getting regular updates as required. And sometimes even apps gets regular updates like LIVE TV, Le Store, SuperRemote, etc. for which you don’t need to wait for the big system update.

Regular Apps

TV offers regular apps like File Manger, Le Account Manager, Tools [which provides a history (of watched videos), Camera (if attached), Messages (Yes LeEco can push messages like update notification) and an option of giving Feedback to LeEco if required], Store, Browser, etc.

P.S. The TV has LeEco own Le Store, not Google Play Store, nor you can install it. So, for installing apps like Youtube, you can use Le Store. In our review unit, Youtube and Netflix were not pre-installed, but on retail units, it should be pre-installed. If you didn’t found those pre-installed, you could install Youtube from Le Store and Netflix using an apk.


At present, Le Store doesn’t have many apps to offer, may be LeEco is testing each and every app on TV before offering that in Store. So, in case if you don’t find your required app, you can install using apk by downloading from the Internet.


The easiest method would be to install ShareIt or Xender on TV, connect it to your smartphone wirelessly, transfer and install the apps directly from these apps. Or attach an SD card or USB Drive with your apk’s and file manager will show you those in the APK folder.


TV Settings are divided into many parts like:

System Settings

System settings offers an array of options and shows information like:


  • Screensaver settings
  • Attaching or removing external speakers, audio routing
  • Managing Bluetooth connections with devices, camera or remote control
  • Scheduling of turning TV off, Time and Language, Resetting and Safety options
  • Setting which screen should be shown by default whether it’s from Input, LIVE App, or App Interface
  • Device Information, Network Information, Storage, etc


Input shows a direct shortcut to jump on any input screen you’ve attached with it.



Network settings is where you can manage:


  • Wireless settings
  • Ethernet connection (support entering LAN settings)
  • Can connect wireless display
    • You can cast your phone screen directly to the TV without requiring Chromecast device. Just open Cast settings in your Phone/Tablet, start wireless display service in TV, and TV will show up as an option on your phone, just Tap over it and your phone/tablet screen would be mirrored to TV. The Only unfortunate thing is, it doesn’t support Intel WiDi. Hence you cannot mirror display of your laptop which has inbuilt Intel graphics.
  • Speed Test

LeEco TV Speed Test

TV has integrated SpeedTest application whose speed test results are accurate, but the recommendation definition it shows is sometimes not accurate.



Here you can set the display tone you want to keep or may want to customize it as per your ease.



Here you can select the pre-defined sound settings. Unfortunately, there is no customization option here.

TV Manager


This app helps in cleaning junk files, cache and other basic things required for regular maintenance in an Android device. However, it is not mandatory that you may do so, as OS is already customized to clean apps in the background so that the TV may never get slow in functioning.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV SuperRemote

LeEco TV Smart Remote
LeEco TV Smart Remote

This remote is the lifeline of the TV. It’s not a simple infrared remote; rather it’s a wirelessly connected remote with TV. It has a voice input (still developing, not available in India), or you can use the remote as an air mouse or gamepad. The mouse cursor can be activated via cursor button on remote, and then it’ll respond to the movement of the remote as a mouse. Voice input and air gestures work only when you’ve connected it with TV, or it’ll work as a standard infrared remote.

You can also use Remote Control app in LeEco Superphones to operate TV; there is an option to connect the remote app to TV via WiFi. However, that is not working while writing this. So, via infra-red, you can use the remote app for operating this or any LeEco TV model. Maybe that’ll be fixed in future updates along with voice control.

LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV Review: Final Verdict

With 2 years comprehensive warranty and 4 years warranty on panel, LeEco has disrupted the television industry and probably LeEco is the first company in India to offer a 4K display with Android at a price of Rs. 59790. While writing this, LeEco has successfully sold out their TV in 2 flash sales and this flash repeats every 15 days, so you can pre-register at Flipkart for buying one. My final verdict for the product is that’s it’s worth the money you’ll be spending and is so good looking, that you’ll want to show this to everyone.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. looks like you have given the panel refresh rate for 4k is 60 but i have read that it only supports 30 fps

    1. Thanks Ankit.

      I have Note-5 and it shows the TV name but doesn’t connect and cast the screen. ANy clue?

  2. https://www.shareitforwindows.com/

    I have leeco letv and lenovo k3 note phone, but cant connect both the devices with shareit.

  3. Please help, SD card on LeEco smart TV

    Will expanding it with the SD card, expands the internal memory? Can I download games like Asphalt with the SD card? Right now I have less than 2 GB on the TV for apps, will adding SD card help?

    1. Sideloading games

      Side load google play store on tv. Then you can download apps from google store. Alternatively you can side load games directly as well.

  4. please dont buy


  5. Worst customer service

    Worst customer service. My TV has not been installed even after 45 days of buying. I strongly recommend not to buy products of this company

  6. Air mouse not working

    I bought this product 6 days back. In remote air mouse is not working suddenly. I want to know the issues.

  7. 1. can it be wall mounted?
    2. can you play videos on the le eco mobile and cast it on the tv, also playing the sound?
    3. can you connect more than one bt device? that is if I am casting any video through my mobile, can I also simultaneously connect BT speakers?

  8. Need to Know how to setup WIFI Display or Screen mirroring from laptop

    I have the LeEco LeTV Super3 X55 TV in my office i need to USE this for my presentations , how to setup the same, it shows INTEL WIDI not supported , i am not able to screen cast or screen mirror my laptop for presentations, is there any software need to be installed in laptop or in TV.?

    1. Presentations from laptop

      You need to select input on the TV based on port where you have connected the laptop. If you have HDMI output on laptop then single cable will handle both audio and video to show on TV.

  9. How to retrieve my forgot password for LeEco membership

    Mr.Ankit Chugh,
    I have purchased LeEco 55 inch UHD 4K tv on 26/10/2016. Now my tv is working well but I have forgot password for Leeco member ship. Please help me how to retrieve my password to get my connection.

  10. Many functions not working after update


    After i did updated my tv, many functions are not working

    i dont find bluetooth option for conne ting tv
    Le eco content vanished
    sound lag when tv is used with AV cable

    Plz help

  11. How to fix Sound issues on Super3 X55 LeTv ?

    Hi Dear Ankit,
    I respect and follow your blogs/reviews/comments/inputs. Must say very knowledgeable and informative !
    I have a quick question for you (& to anyone who would share their advice):
    I connected my Super3 X55 LeTV to Samsung Home Theater (HT-TZ315)
    through optical cable & through HDMI. Once connected I am able to listen to the TV sound on the Samsung Home Theater speakers… but when I want to play the sound on the TV’s built-in speakers (after disconnecting the home theater), a repeated message keeps popping up saying ” adjust sound via the external speakers”. Would be great if you could help me solve this issue.

    1. Audio Output on TV

      There is a setting for audio output. You need to set it to TV speakers to disconnect it sending signal to optical port.

  12. Super remote

    Dear Ankit,
    My remote for the same has gone bad after it fell down.where do I buy a original for the same .

  13. Mobile issues

    Use can use a universal remote for TV. Alternatively one can use IR remote function of IR blaster in the old mobile. All Mi phones have IR blaster.

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