The Future of Smart Technology by LG Electronics
The Future of Smart Technology by LG Electronics

2016 has begun and this year being the lunar leap year along with an added day in the calendar month of February has taken a leap forward in the world of Smart technology. Smartphones came into existence about two decades ago and replaced the mobile phones which would only be responsible for handling the bidirectional communication through voice and text. But smartphones today have emerged as an indispensable device with features which were then accessorial, and now substantive such as video streaming, high-quality camera, browsing, gaming and much more. With smartphones becoming omnipresent in every corner of the world we take a look at how the “SMART TECHNOLOGY” would evolve from 2016 to 2020.

The Future of Smart Technology by LG Electronics


The reach of smartphones has grown widespread in the recent years making it ubiquitous globally connecting every part of the world with elevated connectivity especially the emerging markets that once lagged behind in smartphone adoption are starting to embrace the technology with China and the Asia-Pacific region evolving as the largest smartphone consumer market with almost 1 billion users. LG initiated its lineup of more affordable smartphones with UX intuitive which provides a premium experience for budget savvy consumers.

Smartphone Saturation

Although the global sales of smartphones have increased, yet consumers are dissatisfied with the monotonous smartphones and this has led to the returning of smartphones by consumers. A recent report from Ericsson Consumer Lab revealed that smartphones would disappear by 2021 and would be taken over by artificial intelligence and rising technologies which has led to most of the industry insiders and analysts looking beyond to see what the future of smart technology will be like.

Microsoft has already taken a step forward with the concept of Unified devices which would ditch the traditional technology and allow consumers to scale to smartphones from PCs and tablets and would create a single mobile centric device. LG would also try to change the way it works from implementing this concept into reality.


4K Curved OLED TV

The first impression we form when we look at any television is its display. In this era of smart technology, the display screens act as a mirror. Since the advent of televisions the display screen has remained more or less the same with slight upgradation in the quality, durability and the technology remaining the same except for some niche curved televisions. LG is one of the niche market players in the consumer durables industry which represents the height of display technology with its OLED TV.


The 4K OLED TV is based on the WRGB technology which boasts an incredible 33 million color sub-pixels to produce the most lifelike colors and infinite contrast ratio. The LG’s Art Slim technology has turned heads around with the slimmest TV available on earth and will soon replace the LCD’s and LED’s and is about 1,000 times faster than these. Further, users can experience cinema in 3D along with blur-free clarity even during the fastest action scenes.


In this selfie obsessed consumer world, the smartphone industry is competing on the basis of the power and resolution of the camera as it is what appeals to the consumers most and soon smartphone manufacturers will replace the expensive and sturdy SLR’s. The LG G4 comes with the most progressive technology with a handful of features for selfie freak users with a rare-in-smartphones F1.8 aperture lens which allows 80 percent more light to hit the image sensor.

LG G4 Future

The 16MP camera supports the Manual Mode which allows photographers the ability to capture more creative and artistic expression by directly control the focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and white balance for every shot. Not only does LG G4 provides a great photography and visual experience but the quantum display technology allows for 20% greater color reproduction, 25% improvement in brightness and 50% greater contrast.

LG Refrigerator

LG Electronics India unveiled India’s first single door refrigerator with “Smart inverter compressor technology”. The refrigerator provides optimum cooling solutions and is eco-friendly as well. This stabilizer free refrigerator can make ice in 108 minutes with no load on the compressor and provides reliable within a range of 100V-290V.

LG single door refrigerator

This single door smart inverter compressor refrigerator has a five-star rating and can save power up to Rs.4, 400. The energy efficient R600a refrigerant allows to conserve energy and this feature takes this refrigerator a step ahead among its competitors.


Internet of Things has the potential to not only impact how we work but also how we live which is a good example of the disruptive technology. As Internet of Things emerges more proficiently consumers owning smart devices can be expected to drift towards innovation that provides coherent connectivity between their personal devices and other networks.

LG Music Flow

The H5 and H7 music flow speakers by LG are the only one in their category to support IoT. These speakers are Wi-Fi enabled to which user can access using his smartphone. The Music Flow app enables the user to control the functionality of the speakers such as the user can access the music library, control all Music Flow units in their home and set the music mood accordingly with the Mood Station feature.

LG Music Flow

The LG music flow speakers have gone a step higher with the Auto Music Play feature which automatically plays the music which is being played on the smartphone. Unlike other speakers, the ability of music flow speakers to operate independently takes its functionality and adaptability a step higher and give it a wide appeal to both consumers and businesses alike.


The Web OS based smart TV is ultra-sleek and offers mesmerizing experience to users wanting to enjoy movies, play games or socialize. This WebOS enabled TV is embedded with a user-friendly interface. The Simple Connectivity feature allows the user to connect their smartphones with the television within the same WiFi range making the smartphone act as a remote for their TV, enabling them to watch live videos.


What makes this TV stand out is the Magic remote feature which acts as a computer mouse for the Smart TV. This remote plays the role of a universal remote with simple Point and Click feature and even supports voice recognition.

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