Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India and it’s the only festival which is not popular in India, but it’s impact is worldwide. Every Indian who loves outside India, still have a soft corner of Diwali. This festival has the power to keep the Indians bonded to their culture and rituals. And with time, the way we celebrate Diwali has changed a lot. Some people only distribute sweets, some throws a party or some goes the traditional way of doing Worship (Pooja) and flaming crackers.

However, with times, we young youth has found some new ways to #SpreadLove this Diwali. Dancing and grooving over the music is the new way to #SpreadLove and this way, people spends a more quality time together. This way is now going very common among bachelors who party at at bar or pub or at their private place with friends and do dance, enjoy good food and music.

And for such party arrangement at your private place, delivering good music is one of the necessity. And thus how, Bluetooth speakers have seen a boom in past two years. We have a numerous range of bluetooth speakers available in market to choose from, and this confuse us more. And such speakers are available in every price range you can ever think of. But not all are the same, nor is the sound quality. That’s when we are here to help you in choosing the best bluetooth wireless speaker for you.

Although i have tried speakers from any companies ranges, from most biggest players in Market. Yet other than Boss, whose range was way too high for god knows reason, i found Logitech as one of the best for opting a bluetooth speaker with reasonable price. Here’s the speaker from Logitech i can recommend to consumers for buying.

Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker

The most special part of this speaker is Stereo sound which most speakers in same price lacks. While you can find many speakers using which you can pick calls, and talk without keeping the phone to your ears, as the speaker itself is the communicating medium for you by playing role of a speaker and mic into one. While this feature is too mainstream, my focus is yet on the sound quality only.

Logitech X300 is uniquely designed for deliver sounds at a more expansive spectrum and provides a theater alike experience. And then the bass levels are deep and precise & mid and high range sounds are very detailed.

Watch this video, about this Speaker and how youngsters are spreading love using music and dance and tell us your way, how you want to #SpreadLove this season?

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