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Update: The rating of Oye rooms has been updated to 2 stars from 4 as later on in another property, I faced a lot of inconveniences plus the unprofessional staff as a bonus. Also, the number of complaints I received from others cannot be ignored! Oyo needs to improve a lot in their services.

While you’re in a new city or you got an urgent meeting when client is coming from another city to meet you and you just don’t have a big budget to stay in those big money sucking hotels, Oyo rooms comes out to be a boom for many of us who needs a good place to stay for a while but not with big budget in this stiff competitive world. A few days back, I was invited by Oyo rooms, Gurgaon to try their services and for the price, they seem to be the best I have experienced so far.


I have traveled to many cities before and had stayed at so many hotels and paid a hefty amount of bills costing me b/w 2 to 4K and their service is like… Hey, other than us, you don’t have any other choice, especially when you’re travelling in hilly areas, even govt. hotels charge you pretty well and you got no choice than to pay for getting a sound place to stay. So, rather than reading to my plea, here’s the review:

Oyo Rooms Review

The moment you enter the hotel, you’re warmly welcomed by Oyo staff and the check-in timings was also not very long. They also give assistance in finding them en route and are prompt to response for raised queries. Now even I was more curious to know, what a budget hotel can offer in a city like Gurgaon which is like the 2nd expensive city of India after Bangalore.

Appearance of Rooms

The moment I entered the room, I was jaw dropped shocked by the mere appearance of the room. It was exactly the same as it was shown and described on their website. The overall ambience of the room is so relaxing with dim lights, that the whole arena of just a room shall take all your tiredness away.


The whole place was clean and tidy and you won’t find anything to point at them with a negative sword. I checked out a few other rooms too and all were organized in a well-mannered fashion to offer maximum comfort and services for the customer. The dining area was nice, quiet and cool, and pretty much suits for an environment for quiet meals if you went there as a couple. I checked out meeting area as well, which had most facilities for an office conference and meets.


Although all Oyo properties don’t have their in-house restaurant, the one I stayed in DLF City club had one, and the food quality was pretty good and menu comprised of both Indian and English food items. You can even come with your guests and can dine-in there.


Oyo Room Facilities List
Oyo Room Facilities List

For a budget hotel, you get an AC in each room and with an attached private bathroom with showers and Oyo toiletries. Also, it has a cupboard, Flat-screen TV, Free WiFi and a small refrigerator which already had cold water in it and was in perfect working condition. I can bet, no other hotels can offer such services at such a competitive price. Also, they provided tea bags of green tea, earl grey and milk powder, sugar and kettle, so that in case you wanna make your tea by yourself in odd hours and you don’t wanna call room service for that.


Wi-Fi router was placed just nearby the door of the room, hence signal of Wi-Fi was pretty good. Why I mentioned this, it’s because in many hotels I stayed in past, even when a hotel is offering you Wi-Fi, I have struggled many a time to get hold of a strong signal of it.

Things as a Bonus

Breakfast is complimentary on behalf of Oyo rooms and as I said above, a high-speed Internet connection is provided in every Oyo property. Also, the helpdesk is open 24×7 and Oyo also offers some basic facilities like a cloakroom, power backups, round the clock security, first aid, fire safety and even a lift for easy movements. Here they also allow coming with pets too.

Also, as I said above too, it has a conference room, which can also be used as a banquet hall too. Each Oyo property offers payment by cards and like every other luxurious hotel, it offers laundry service too along with proper space for parking your vehicles.

Final Verdict

For those who know, Gurgaon is one of the most expensive cities in India and here Oyo rooms are offering so many services and that too at a price starting from Rs. 999, which is a win-win situation for consumers and the service is at par compared with any luxury hotel you may stay. I totally recommend their service, it definitely worth many tries.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. सबसे बकवास सर्विस..एक रात इन्होने पागल बना दिया मुझे बिना पानी के …मैंने 2 room book किये थे रात 11 : 44 (03sep2015 ) sec15 गुडगाँव ,इनके होटल से लेकर इनके दिए हुए नंबर पर रात से लेकर दिन के 5 बजे तक कॉल करता रहा किसी ने पानी की बोतल तक नहीं दी 10बार कॉल की मैंने और last गेट वाले गार्ड की पानी की बोतल से पानी पीया और मेरे साथ आये हुए मेहमानो को टॉयलेट का पानी पिलाया.. ये है इनकी सर्विस …अगर मैं आप से झूट बोल रहा हु तो मुझे कभी कॉल करे(09041416363 ) मेरी क्या बात हुई है इनके call centre के नंबर पे …वो दिन हमेसा याद रहेगा जो इन्होने मुझे दिया और मरते दम तक नहीं use करुगा इनकी सर्विस …
    हद होते है रात 12 से 4 :51 तक कॉल पे कॉल करता रहा और बार बार मुझे hold पे डाल देते थे …कुछ ऐसा था मेरा experience oyo room k saath

  2. Horrible Experience at Oyo Rooms

    Horrible……Never use Oyo Rooms..Worst experience of my life.
    I booked a room and paid in full.

    On the day when I was supposed to check in , I got a call from customer care of Oyo that due to electrcity failure they are shifting me to another hotel ( complete lie , I checked with the hotel ).

    Then when i reached japiur I kept on calling the reception number given to me by Oyo. No one picked. They gave me another no . No was out of service.

    Then I again got a call that my hotel is being changed. New no was provided but when i dialled the no I was told that no rooms were available.

    I called Oyo Rooms again. They put me on hold on the pretext of finding out the details and I waited for 15 mins but they kept me on hold.
    I called again and they again put me on hold.

    Then 3rd time when I called they asked me if my wife’s id has anywhere written that I am her husband. They have roms for married couple only and i need to provide prrof that my wife is actually my wife HA HA HA. Luckily my wife’s id had my name ( Wife of / instead of Daughter of .

    They again disappered saying that they will send me sms with hotel details.
    In the meanwhile I received around 20 sms giving me different hotels’s details and tank you sorry and all.
    After 3 hrs I got a room which was around 20 Km from railway station. Initially they promised me room near railway statation.
    Room was bad , staffs were non existent and overall I can say I dont have to describe how bad the propert was.

    1. Service of OYO is not helpful

      Disappointed with oyo rooms, i was given a confirmed booking reservation on the day i had to check-in but when i reached the hotel they said the room is unavailable and i showed my booking confirmation(at hotel pratap residency, ranchi). They just ignored the confirmation, i took the help of oyo assistance but it was also a failure, i on my own searched hotel at night, and i again i searched for oyo rooms at ‘PRATAP RESIDENCY’ it showed that a room is available at night. And a day later i got an SMS from Oyo that my booking at hotel ‘PRATAP RESIDENCY’ is cancelled becoz i didn’t checked-in.
      And i should say that the hotel person(hotel pratap residency, ranchi) was not at all helpful. I was very disappointed

  3. Disappointed by oyo

    I have booked the Hotel (Hare Krishna Orchid) for 21.05.2016 vide by booking ID No.SDET6871 and I have been offered the Room No.216. I have taken paid breakfast for Rs.383.00 on 21st May,2016 at 13.29 pm..The copy of Invoice is attached herewith. The second day (i.e.22.05.2016) breakfast was complimentary. When I entered the breakfast around 10.50 am, they informed the breakfast time is overed. Whereas, the breakfast of paid person was going on. Here I understand the monopoly of the Hotel. That’s why I am totally disappointed for the same. I never book the hotel in future by OYO.

  4. Never trust OYO rooms, these are just money launders and never interested in customer satisfaction. Early check in if even a minute early the entire day will be charged.

    They don’t have humanity neither are their facilities are good. If you looking for budget hotels please try make my trip, Thomas cook or any other trusted one.

    Don’t know why IRCTC had tied up with this bloody shit services of oyo.

    Personally booked two rooms in oyo in Tirupathi just because I logged in early by half an hour they charged me two days rent whereas they agreed to give 30% advance check in charges. However upon admitting mistakes, they should have booked my rooms for two days and took 5800 but looted 6695

    If you really looking for quality hotels and great customer satisfaction then stay away from oyo and try other service providers or direct hotel. Atleast they won’t loot you

  5. Never booked with oyo,it was very bad exp in panchmarhi. Hotel name is Indraprashth ,room was too small and very dirty,There was no buffet for breakfast, very bad room service,in short ,everything was pathetic

  6. Bad experience with oyo

    Very bad experience with oyo rooms.I bukd a hotel at Chandigarh by trusting the pictures given in d app.bt it was fake. people should opt for pay at hotel option.see d hotel first in person and then only pay.

  7. Uncourteous

    I have booked through Oyo for 1st & 3rd July at New Delhi for a short stay for 8 hours. While booking I was promised for early checkin and complimentary breakfast. When I checked in the hotel staff refused to my requests and the Oyo call centre people on both calls disconnected the phone while complaining. I have paid payment in advance otherwise I would not stayed at Oyo hotels nor would recommend anyone to book through Oyo.
    The linen in hotel was given wet and when asked for dry one the staff said due to rain the towels are wet. There is no hot water in toilets. Common areas unclean and shabby not fit for families stay.

  8. Sai Leela hotel, Puri+ OYO+Expedia = SCAM and cheaters

    We booked three rooms with Sai Leela hotel registered with OYO via Expedia. It was terrible experience. Expedia charged us 4800 per room for a pathetic, dirty and unhygienic facility. We booked for three days and had to leave the room within 38 hours due to very poor quality. Neither OYO, nor Expedia nor the hotel is ready to refund the remaining amount. I have lodged the complaint with all photos but no action taken. There was no tea served till 8 am and i have to make the tea in the kitchen. There were cockroaches , spider webs, dirty buckets, non working geysers, stinking beds and bathroom.
    The facility is managed by only one boy who was not even 18 years , I guess.

    Friends, I wish none of the travelers should get cheated as we got


    I stayed at (OYO ) Ishita Residency Amritsar for one night. Not satisfied with hotel services. I give rating as follows :
    Room facilities : 2 out of 5, Cleanliness : 2 out of 5 , Lot of disturbance, Wi-Fi (at 3rd floor) : 1 out of 5
    TV : Not working without help of operator, loosely hanged on the wall
    Breakfast (included free in my tariff) :
    Could not get because Not possible before 9.00 am (explained by help counter at reception)— 0 out 5
    I have to PAY CASH only, NO CARDS etc. : Receptionist boy Advised me to go to ATM and bring cash for payment, if not cash not available. —- 0 out of 5.
    So, overall : Bad Experience

  10. Oyo rooms in salem.

    The most unorganised and irresponsible room booking company i have ever seen. They confirmed our booking in a salem hotel. They even called us and reconfirmed our booking. But on the arrival at the hotel, they say that the hotel is sold out. Most pathetic customer service team. They kept us on hold for 20mins and never picked our call after that.

    1. Frwad service provider

      Worst and fake service provider …it’s not hotel and like worst toilet service provider. I complain frawd case against Oyo

  11. Poor oyo poor service

    I have booked a hotel for rs 1078 but at hotel they were asking for rs1400
    I have talked to oyo Customercare they have told me solve the issue within 10 mt but neither oyo nor the hotel owner solved my problem. I have waited there for 1 hr without any info in that period I have talked to other oyo persons as well.. I suffered a lot due to oyo and that hotel owner.. both parties were earning from Customer but when it comes to money no one listen anything.. very poor pathetic service ..

  12. Oyoroom making fool to people and doing fraud on the name of payment gateway errors.

    Worse experience, they guys are using third quality payment gateway services, payment stuck in between while paying online, most of the people repeat payment if didn’t get confirmation in 15-20 mins. Previous will also confirm once you have made another payment Cheats customers. Both payments will be captured when you raise the complaint to refund they will take 7-14 days and refund will proceed after deducting the Oyo wallet money which you have used.
    I have paid 840 twice, and 360 was used for this booking. 480 was refunded when I asked to oyo support get the answer that you have used oyo money for this transaction, same will also be deducted from the refund amount.
    The same thing repeated 4 times in a week. Oyo guys making fool to customers and doing fraud with people.

  13. Customer

    It’s a fake company….. Wrongly deducted from my bank account. Please don’t book here. When I do booking here then show me fare Rs. 2195/- but when I do payments from my debit card then deducted Rs. 2743/-. I launch a complain to Oyo customer care but don’t solved my problem till now.
    Booking I’d- VKQA3185.

  14. horrible experience with OYO room booking and their customer service team

    Had a confirmed booking with OYO for Sep 26th to 28th In Yeshwanthpur Bangalore with payment having done upfront,
    When customer reached the hotel on 26th evening,he was told that booking is cancelled as there are no rooms available and they have levied a cancellation fee of Rs 1197/-,
    My concern is how are you levying cancellation fee from the customer when the fault lies on your side,
    Really pathetic service by their customer care team too,in fact they are very arrogant

  15. We booked 25 rooms through OYO at GCK Suites , bannerghatta road, Bangalore for 1 night for banquet purpose. 2 days before the arrival they called us told that they will have to move our rooms to some other property which was 2.5kms away, asking the reason they replied that the Property owner wants to give 35 rooms to some other customer and thus he wants us to cancel. In between all the marriage work one can have, the groom had to run around to solve this. After speaking at GCK Suites we got to know that it wasn’t them but OYO itself who wanted to give 35 rooms to some other party as they wanted in GCK Suites only and wanted us to cancel ours. We have using OYO from last 4 years, it was highly disappointing and annoying to face this issue just before the wedding/ booking date.

  16. Rude customer care centre

    I have installed an Oyo app using a referral link and I was supposed to get 1000 in my wallet but I didn’t. When I called customer care they put me on hold for 3 times and 4tg time when I shouted at them they transferred my call to higher management, person named mr Ahmed who was very rude. He said he can give me only 50 rs in my wallet that is the Max he can offer me. Again I installed the app on my brothers cell phone using a referral code. Again I faced same problem Mr Ahmed again told me that he can provide 50 rs in my brothers wallet. When started arguing with him that you are fooling public using the invite and earn policy then he said me that mam I can disconnect your call. If u wish to get 50rs pls let me know else will disconnect. In short they don’t value customer and are very pathetic people. I won’t recommend Oyo to anyone rather please go for airbnb.

  17. Oyo review

    Never ever book from Oyo .. it’s my kind request … for the first time I booked in Oyo it was such a disappointment … one day prior to the arrival place they changed my hotel booking to another place … and which is very far .. and when I called the customer care people there was no response … they should f**king close this business … I regret booking through this app

  18. very bad serive

    I stay in hyderabad champapata oyo criss hip 10107 room no 301.so room service and facilities very bad .I informed them but no response.

  19. OYO is Cheating the people.... Becareful

    Worse OYO… Pls refund my money…. Cheating the customers and no giving value at all because of your mistakes and given a call to toll free but worst response

    Paymented through my Hdfc card but I have not able to see/not find option to enter promo code “HDFCXOYO”… Kindly resolve the issue and ensure to cash back of my amount pls because I have paid through HDFC Credit card because of this offer I have booked in OYO….



    1) I had booked 4 rooms for 8 adults in OYO 118 Dallas Hotel, Dubai through booking.com vide confirmation No. 1398729174 for 31st Dec-2018. The booking was made well in advance i.e. on 13th Sept-2018 as 31st Dec is peak day of the season and all hotels in Dubai remains fully booked.
    2) I received confirmation from booking.com vide confirmation voucher No. (Annex-1). As per accepted terms and conditions, I was suppose to pay total 490 AED at the time of check-in.
    3) I checked booking status on booking.com time to time and it was showing confirmed booking and payment to be made at the time of check-in. My payment was assured by credit card.
    4) On 15th Dec-2018 , I sent confirmation message to OYO through booking.com as “Dear Sir , we hereby confirm that we will check in on 31st Dec and will pay the total amount at the time of check in as per our booking . regards

    5) On 16th Dec-2018, I received reply through e-mail from OYO that I have the option either to make advance payment or pay at the hotel

    e-mail read as below-

    “ Greetings from OYO!

    Thank you for the inquiry. We are glad that you have chosen us as your preferred hospitality partner.
    We wish to inform you that the guests have the option to either make an advance payment or pay at the hotel during check-in. In case of any other query, please feel free to contact.

    Kind Regard’s
    OYO 118 Dallas Hotel”

    I replied the mail on the same day as “Thanks for your quick response , we will make the payment during our stay in the hotel.
    Thanks once again “

    7. Total 8 adults including 2 families along-with reached hotel for check-in along with confirmation voucher . The Reception check the voucher and said they do not have any reservation in our name. We checked online status from booking.com app. It was showing status as confirmed reservation.
    8. I called the OYO from the hotel and briefed the situation. It was informed that I will receive call back within 10 minutes, however I have not received any call from OYO.
    9. The reception spoke with OYO Cluster Manager. He said that he has reservation for 4 rooms in our name and will send the voucher to hotel. The reception told him that the hotel is fully booked and he cannot allot any room to us at last moment.
    10. Due to 31st , all hotels in Dubai were booked and we had no rooms available. We spoke with OYO cluster Manager and asked him to speak with reception and arrange for our accommodation. He spoke with reception , however reception told that the hotel is fully booked and they cannot honour our booking.
    11. Since we were with our family member and luggage , we requested the reception to be kind with us and provide at least 2 rooms . The reception told that one room is available due to cancellation, however we have to deal directly with them about the rates. The reception took the advantage of situation and asked 800 AED for one room
    12. We were not having any option except to accept all terms and conditions and rates asked by the reception. We paid 800 AED for the room (without b/f) . We all 8 adults accommodated in one suit room with single wash room and 4 of us sleep on mattresses laid on ground. We requested the OYO cluster Manager to come in the hotel to review the situation and he agreed. We call him as per agreed schedule, however he didn’t tuned up.
    13. I sent an e-mail to OYO as “We r in the hotel , hotel denied rooms , spoken with cluster Manager , issue not resolved , we have to accommodate 8 persons in one room with 800 AED against our booking amount of Rs. 490 AED for 4 rooms”. I further sent an e-mail on 1st January -2019 as “This is to confirm that we have not been provided accommodation, even though we were having conformed booking”.
    14. We got reply from OYO on 1st January-2019 as We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will look into the matter and will get back to you soon.However till date we have not received any clarification/reply from OYO.

    15. We returned India on 2nd Jan-2019 early in the morning. Booking.com informed that we didn’t turned up to the property and our booking is cancelled. This is wrong information given by property owner (OYO) to booking.com.
    16. I had booked the rooms through booking.com. I had confirmed that we will check-in as per our booking. OYO has also confirmed that I can pay at the hotel. Our payment was guaranteed by credit card. However OYO intentionally cancelled my booking and provided wrong and misleading information and reasons for cancellation to us and to booking.com.
    17. We were in the foreign country with our family and luggage to enjoy new year holidays. However OYO cancelled our booking without any cancellation request from me or booking.com. Further, the booking cancellation was not informed to me or booking.com. Our booking status was confirmed as on 31st Dec-2018 when we reached for check-in in the hotel.
    18. We were kept waiting for about 2 hours till we directly negotiate with reception and accepted room rent demanded by him for single room. We all 8 persons were to use single washroom . We lost our valuable time and we have to curtail out sightseeing schedule. We feel harassed and humiliated in other country from OYO.
    19. I have sent notice to OYO for compensation for harassment, however the same is not replied by OYO.
    I am going to file the case with consumer court. I also wish to take the issue with concerned authority of GoI and Dubai after guidance from the expert.

  21. Pathetic service recieved making us to uninstall oyo app

    Hello Team,

    I am very unhappy with the service provided on the booked Oyo room.
    OYO Home 10868 Villa — GOA

    The booking was done for 6 members for 2 days ie 26th to 28th.

    1. There was no OYO assistance to receive at the property who by the way, kept calling so many times checking abt our arrival.
    2. The cleaning in the room was still in progress even after we checked in an hour late.
    3. Oyo Assistant kept calling multiple times to send out photos of our IDs proofs to multiple phone numbers – this was a security issue for us.
    4. There were 2 bathrooms and both kept giving electric shocks on touching the taps or showers.
    5. Flush was not working.
    6. Getting electric shocks on many of the switches on the property.
    7. Even after multiple calls to fix the issue when we were still at the property, there was no one to fix it, instead, the Oyo assistant, kept speaking rudely over the call and threatening to come at the property at 3 am.
    8. All the water supply was cut out when we check out half n hour late and 2 guys from Oyo were at the property (we were in between taking baths)
    9. Even after booking for 6 ppl, there were only 5 blankets and sheets. One of us had to sleep down.

    Till the end, no issues were fixed even after escalating the matters to senior executives and received a very unhappy experience.

    We paid 12000rs, for this property and received extremely bad experience.

    This is the first time we faced a problem with OYO which by the way is a very good app but with this experience, I would like not to continue with this app for the future.

  22. Pathetic hotel at manali ( HABS0482 Jubilant Cottage 1, Rohtang Road,Vashisht, Manali)

    Over all package of holidays was good ( ) out of five .
    Smooth package selection procedure.
    convenient and flexible package formation.
    total supportive team and regular update during tour.
    SHIMLA JSDK1046 Tableau Homestay 000, Near Bahara university, Waknaghat, Shimla fantastic stay. very cooperative staff and food is delicious. (mentioned on google review) https://goo.gl/maps/oMnCxZ5ZfXk
    Cooperative and gentle behavior of (Mr. Promod Mathur) Driver and automobile facility was good neat and well maintained.All sight seen are provided. Well knowledgeable to local area and people.
    DELHI UMSB6719 Hotel Mall Residency -, 42-F Near Yes Bank, Mall Road, Amritsar. staff and hotel good for styay(mentioned on google review).
    transportation was hazel free.
    Two star rating cut for horrible experience with hotel at Manali ( HABS0482 Jubilant Cottage 1, Rohtang Road,Vashisht, Manali) .
    manager was not available and even man was not available to attained or person to carry luggage.
    they asked first question that ” it is your shifting of hotel in package” and behave just like ruthless attitude.
    Still two days TV was not working.Only one charging port was working same to be used for electric blanket.
    we stayed for three night but not ordered food except Dal fry and Dal tadaka. Food facility is not good up to oyo facilited hotel.
    Staff let-rely denied for providing bathroom doormat. not provided with bathroom slipper. Provided dust bean after asking without lead.
    room was not clean, Water glasses are provided without cleaning. water was boiled on dirty vessel and served
    every time to mention food item in detail as they forget to bring item in room even forgate chapati with meal it self.
    denied to provide break fast on check out time as staff was wack up at 7:30 am.
    Manager and Two owner of hotel stay at there and just drink liquor at all time.
    Bathrooms are smelling fowl due to drainage or other issue.
    Inconvenience due to traveling date was wrong mention on package planing.
    Proper guidance was not provided by oyo abut sight seen.
    food facility is not available at mall residency although they manage to available delicious and good from some were else.
    Cost of package moderate. it can further economy on customer side.

  23. Oyo worst

    Oyo has no control of their hotel partners. All the promises are fake. Customer services are worst. Better book with some others like goibibo or make my trip. I will not use Oyo again

  24. Poor service.

    Megha reorsts at mandarmoni booked from Oyo.If possible not a single star must be given. Just yesterday had booking for my brother . Booked from Oyo but after reaching there the hotel just denied to provide the room and argued that they don’t bother about the online booking and they will not allow to stay. After several time waiting and conversations they asked for extra money, and after giving that they provided the room, but when checked with Oyo found that no extra money was disclosed by the hotel. Very arrogant and I’ll behaved manager. I never experienced this type of hotel. Very bad, extremely unprofessional.
    Don’t stay at this hotel.

  25. Don’t book any hotel room from OYO
    they are doing fraud by providing dirty and very unsafe rooms.
    If you will cancel the booking and ask for your refund then they will deny to return your money.
    First , you cannot book any room without payment and in case if you do not like the hotel room then they will not refund you your money.
    This is a clear gundagardi.
    I lose my money, and i suggest you to stay away from this company.

  26. Worst customer care services and doing Fraud in bookings

    Don’t book any hotel room from OYO,
    I had booked my stay at varanasi and paid full amount but when i reached the hotel they said it was not a OYO registered hotel and denied for the stay then immediately contacted oyo customer care they kept me hold for several times, i had no choice so paid extra amount for the stay and requested refund from the OYO but customer care wasn’t responded

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