How to Decide Between Choosing Window or Split AC

For those who are new at buying an air conditioner or even for gaining knowledge for this product, they face lots of issues as we try to gain knowledge from various sources and no one answers led us for taking a firm decisions.

And hence because of such reason, we at Review Center gets lots of queries related to same. Hence I decided to come up with this detailed guide in helping my budding or existing visitors.

Buying an air conditioner is a several step procedure and if these are not followed rightly, can end up in buying wrong type or wrong model for yourself. Please note that when we buy an air conditioner, we expect it to work for a decade at least and there’s nothing wrong in that. Hence choosing the right product is a mandatory thing for you.

Which Air Conditioner to buy? Window or Split?

Look inside your Home for Space

Window and Split and two entire differently sized products and we need to take care of this at utmost importance that whether we can install a window AC at home or the split one.

A split conditioner is divided into two separate units where compressor and condenser is the part of an external unit (ODU – Outdoor Unit) whereas the internal unit has the evaporative part which we may call as IDU (Indoor Unit).

While on the other side, a window conditioner has all (condenser, compressor, expansion valve and all other components built) into one cuboid shaped unit.

Hence when we talk about space, a Split AC shall require more space technically when compared with window AC, however practically both has its own importance. Which point we need to take here is of the outer unit or placement of compressor unit outside home. People who lives in a flat usually has a hard time finding a big opening for window AC and then choosing a Split AC is the only option left to them.

No matter whether you choose window or Split, you must know that outer end of both types require proper air ventilation. If you’ll install outer unit in a “not so ventilated” space, you’ll find your AC struggling to provide you effective cooling.

In most cases, for those who has space for window AC can install split AC easily. The biggest benefit of having split AC is you can install its outer unit to any distance you want for providing it with air ventilation. Whereas with window AC you’re restricted to install at places like window or at that end of room where at back proper ventilation is available. Hence, in many cases, where people are inclined to buy window AC end up installing their air conditioners at wrong location in room where it may also ruin the look of the interior too.

Even I had issues when I wanted to install my window AC with outer end towards staircase of building. And my neighbour was not so happy with my decision as they were worried about heat dissipating from it. Still i got it installed anyhow.

And with split AC, you can install it at any location of your room as per your convenience or as per your interior design. All you need to take care of connecting piping which can be easily hided behind the walls or by covering it any means which may not even ruin your interior design of room.

Ease of Installation

Split AC’s only require a 3″ hole to connect IDU to ODU for passing through required piping and that hole is hidden behind IDU. Hence the whole work is done beautifully whereas in case of window AC, it requires a bigger opening than the AC itself to fit whole AC into it for supporting purpose. And in case if you live in a house on rent, you probably can’t convince your landlord for doing so. Whereas with split AC, things get easy.

The biggest advantage of having a Split AC is that you can install its IDU any far within limit mentioned by company. However those limits are quiet good and there isn’t anything to be worry of.

Do not afford to ruin your Baby Sleep or Even Yours!

Window AC’s are not silent. They do make noise as it has all noisy components fitted into one cuboid. So if you’re like a person who need silence for sleeping or if you’re worried for your baby sleep, prefer to buy a Split AC. Split AC has all noisy components installed in ODU which is far to disturb your Sleep in any way. And even the IDU of split AC are usually silent, all thanks to the new technology and competition. LG split air conditioners are probably the most silent one’s and you’ll probably not notice any sound during running position.


These days looks matter a lot for people. Gone are the days where you might want to put any AC on wall which may ruin your interior. I’ll never prefer to do so ever.

Here also Split AC has an advantage that they looks way better than window AC and now a days even many interior designers take them as a part of design. However even looks of window AC’s are improving if you may check Window AC’s of Hitachi, but I do not recommend them buying because of several others issues. You can check comments in hitachi reviews here for knowing those issues.

Cooling efficiency

Since Split AC compressor is installed outside in ODU, all heating components are fitted outside your room and is installed at a properly ventilated place, hence it put less load on compressor to work and hence less electricity consumption, however It might differ from place to place. The point to be taken care here is that the connecting pipes of IDU and ODU must be properly insulated or cooling efficiency can drop. Don’t worry, If you’ll buy AC from a good brand, who has great after sales service (like LG), you’ll not face any installation issue. But do mind that technically for same tonnage, window and Split has almost same electricity consumption rate.

Electricity Consumption

Although everyone says that electricity consumption for both window and Split are same. Technically that’s also true. But as per my experience, I have felt that when on auto mode, Split AC’s cool down faster your room than window AC’s as their air throwing component is spread out at longer span and air throwing speed is also higher.

Window AC’s has only a small window for throwing air, may be that’s why they are called as Window AC and same theory goes for Split AC’s too :).

Also window AC’s can effectively cool down area only less than 300 Sq. Ft. With maximum tonnage available, whereas in split AC’s, there isn’t any limit.

And basically the point I am trying to tell you here is faster your room gets cooled, compressor cut shall happen earlier then what compared to window AC’s.

Also Split AC’s technology wise has got way much better than window AC’s as most companies inclines to sell those more, hence more R&D work are done on them. Inverter series air conditioners which is the latest trend, are available in split AC’s only.

Sometimes I felt that buying a window AC shall make you feel that you’re buying a product which any company don’t wanna sell but they have to, because market demands them. That’s the only reason why you’ll never see any TV advertisements on window AC’s.

Capacity Requirements

Since window AC is whole one unit, it’s size is directly proportional to the tonnage capacity. Higher the capacity, bigger the size. Because of such reason, window AC’s are available only up to 2 tons capacity.

Whereas in case of split AC’s, the real work of cooling down air is done in external unit (ODU) and it can be of any size as it is installed outside. Hence there isn’t any tonnage limit on those.

Please do mind reading this, that if you have a bigger area needs to be cooled, and while calculating your tonnage requirements, It comes out to be 3 tons, then don’t buy one unit of 3 tons, rather buy 2 units of 1.5 tons or 1 two tons and 1 one ton AC. I am saying this because many a times you might not require to cool down whole area, in those cases you can switch ON only one AC and save electricity consumption. Also if by chance one AC broke down, you’ll still have one working, so that your work flow may not get effected.


Window AC’s are successful only when being installed in small rooms in apartments or offices. However for commercial places and large complex and even at home, Split AC’s has proved to be more successful.


Pricing point, even when i listed here at last is one of the biggest deciding factors for most consumers. I feel that consumers must look for product quality first and keep the pricing at least priority. We want our air conditioners to work for years and hence doing one time investment, even if the product is costlier is much better than saving money at initial period by buying low cost AC’s.

Usually Split AC’s are costlier than window AC’s. Now-a-days people demand more for Split AC’s rather than window because of all reasons i mentioned above. Be Smart, Take Smart Decisions!!

Got any query, please ask me in comments!!

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. Verifing Star Rating of AC

    How we can verify the star rating of AC shown by manufacture is actual or wrong? If manufacture show star rating is 3 star then how we can get sure that AC is actual 3 star; it is not 1 star?

  2. want to buy split AC

    I want to buy AC immediately, my requirement are 1.5 tons with 5 star rating

    I have shortlisted Carrier & Blue star

    please advise which model to go for ??

  3. gas leak

    hello,i use a window a/c .
    the gas leaks almost every 3 months and i pay alot for refill.i need an a/c with heavy duty coil as i stay in the suburbs where gas leaks are very often problem.
    pls do advice me how can i solve the above stated problem.

  4. Ac positioning

    I’m planning to buy a new window ac but not too sure where to place it. I’ve two windows, one just near the ceiling other just 12″ above the floor. Please suggest. Also my room is on 2nd floor which has terrace above it.

  5. Window AC is more healthy than split AC

    YOU ALL HAVE MISSED A VERY VERY BIG POINT WHILE COMPARING WINDOW AND SPLIT AC. Window AC brings in fresh air from outside cools it and then push the cold air inside. However, split AC cools inside same air again and again. People who has ASMA, breathing problem, need fresh oxygen should buy window AC.

      1. Window AC is more healthy than split AC

        That is not correct.
        In Window A/C unit a vent is provided which can be opened or closed as required. When kept in open position some quantity of outside fresh Air will be inserted in the Room. This is the reason I installed 2 Window A/C units in my Flat instead of Split A/C Units.

      2. Window AC is more healthy than split AC

        That is also not correct. The explanation given by Amitava is correct.
        Most of the Window A/C are provided with a Vent which can be opened or closed as required.
        An open vent on a window air conditioner allows fresh air from outside to come into the home and circulate along with the cool air produced by the unit. A closed vent prevents warm, fresh air from entering the home.
        While an open vent is not ideal for efficiency, since the unit has to work harder to cool down the warm air, it does serve a purpose. Leaving the vent open refreshes stale air and removes odors from the room. Additionally, the vent makes it possible to run the unit on the fan-only setting, which simply pulls in air from outdoors on cool or mild days.
        This is the reason I preferred to install Window A/C units in my Flat over Split Units

  6. which is better option for frequent transfer cases

    I get transferred frequently every 2-3 years, so should I buy windows AC or split AC?

  7. Which actually prefer

    I am living in rent house. In future might be chance to relocate. Which AC should I prefer sir. Window or split. Is window AC create big noise.
    Please advise.

  8. split or window

    hi my room size is 9x8x10 feet =720 feet should i go for 0.75 window or 1 ton split as its difficult to get 0.75 split ac and 1 ton split will be to much costly. please advice

  9. I want to Buy 1.5 ton A/c but Confused in Brands and Window or split

    Hello Sir,
    i want to buy A/c
    But am Unable to decide which brand should i take?
    i want mantainance free + Low Power Consumption Type A/c
    Please do reply me

  10. Hi…I want to buy A/C for my drawing room( where we spend most of our time)…Room size must be 450 to 500 sq feet..Should I go for 2 ton split or window ac ?….Please rates best brands in terms of cooling & better efficiency from 1 to 4..Voltas, Daikin,LG & Hitachi and suggest any better brand if i have missed out.

  11. AC for cool enjoiment ,no fresh air or oxygen from out side . lack of sufficient oxygen means I'll health. better have air coolers of branded companies

    Air conditioning is only for cooling ,not for fresh air breathing .people Don not know the facts of working principles of ac .
    99% of people never purchase if they came to know that the fact of air flow into the room I. E. We breath the same air repeatedly throughout the time of ac used.
    The air in the room get cooled in the compressor and condenser and blown again into the room. It is a cycle of the same air with no fresh oxygen or air from out side.
    To get fresh air in AC closed room ,make little opening of windows ,by that way we will get fresh air into the room.
    It is better to purchase air cooler where we get continues fresh air and oxygen.
    air conditioner companies should think for provision of fresh air intake mechanism .

  12. Bound to exchange my Split AC for a Window one.

    I happened to buy a 1 Ton Split AC and the AC technician told me that it is difficult to mount it in our room sa we live on the second floor, there are no sun shades available. He said that if we keep the ODU on the terrace which is on the 4th floor, cooling efficiency will drop after a while. Now I am left with the option to choose a Window AC (we have the slot already). Which one would you suggest?

    1. I am using godrej 1 ton split AC for the past 8 years.Service is very good.Not a single problem arise so far.Cooling effect is good. My room size is 11*11

  13. Good article but what I have experience let me share ,1 service and maintainence is too costly for split ac ,2 in India the service man are looters so its better to purchase window ac ,thanks

  14. is window a good ac or not

    Dear sir after ur a lots of reply reading i m confused .
    I wants to know in one word window ac is good or not …

  15. DEAR SIR ,i want to by AC in this month February,17 but confused which brand i will buy,,require less electricity bill and want to buy inverter ac and 5 star please solve.

  16. 8470011294

    Dear Ankit, really found this forum as a very helping tool. Pls help me to know yhe points as per below:
    1. Whats your recomendation on all parameters if we ignore pricing for the moment – O Gereral?
    2. Nt able to figure out 5 star model in O general. Pls help.

    1. water leakage in split IU.

      many of split acs leak condensation water below the indoor unit , if the drain hole gets choked with house dust or some other reason.

  17. Window or split in 5 star and which model in LG

    Hello Ankit Sir
    I read ur article
    Its awesome…
    And very helpful for me for buying an ac ..
    I am buying first time..for my mother’s room(required 1.5 ton)
    Please help me to decide
    1.i should purchase window ac or split ac(5star), both can be easily intalled in that room
    2. You prefer Lg and daiken so after reading your article i wana go for lg brand , but which model please suggest …..
    I will be very thankful to you..
    I hope you in future you will write more articles and they will help us..
    With blessings

  18. Window AC or Spilit AC

    My job is transferrable in every 2-3 years. Which type of AC I should buy? Please suggest

  19. our drawing cum dining room is L shaped with window at one side of L. If we use Window AC will it be effective.

  20. Either Go With Copper For Split or Go With Window

    I own 3 Split ACs (1 SAMSUNG and 2 LG INVERTER) and also one Window AC from CARRIER.

    I’d suggest anyone who is considering buying a Split AC to ONLY and ONLY go for those that come with a Copper Condenser and never ever buy one with an Aluminium Condenser.

    Aluminium is corrosive in nature and after a few years, it would leak and you will have to replace it with a new one, price ranges from 10 – 15K. Copper condenser ACs on the other hand are much more durable but maybe not as energy efficient as Aluminium Ones.

    So the choice is yours – either pay a slightly higher electricity bill but have peace of mind with your AC (Copper) or Pay less per month but be ready to shell out 10K any time. The 1.5 TR Inverter AC I bought needed a condenser replacement just after one year, I had to shell out 9K that time (no 28% GST that time)

    Window ACs are much more durable and are almost maintenance free compared to SPLIT ACs. I have a 8 year old 1 TON Carrier Estrella that still runs like a champ

  21. Hole in split ac plz suggest wich one or what brand

    Hi we have split ac and every year we have to buy new ac due to moosi river pollution after few months we have to call technician for service he end up there is a hole in ac it’s bad plz suggest can we go for window ac coz every year new ac means….

  22. window ac always for me.

    i would always go for window ac, the cu piping is robust like a refrigerator(1 piece) no fiddling with the core cooling apparatus, can be pressure washed just by removing the whole unit , very less chance of gas leak, high reliability, in a split ac the cu pipes going to outside unit in foam encapsulation wears out, cu gets exposed to natural elements & gets corroded. & the extra power to run that extra fan in the outside unit.

  23. NEED Suggestion!

    M planning to buy a window ac 1-1.5 ton this week.but confused which brand I should go for?

    O general
    Hitachi(just read reviews and changed my mind)

    Pls suggest which brand is Best? Provide good after sale service, less noise etc.also what features I can get in window ac?
    Pls reply ASAP!

  24. Window or Splitt AC ? incase of height uoto 7 ft

    my room height is only 7.5 feet. ( Office)and areas is 10X8 Feet. In this case which AC will be suitable. Window or Splitt

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