LG Evercool Refrigerator Which Works Even With Frequent Power Cuts

Are you living in a rural city or in some state in India where you used to face very frequent power cuts or used to have regularly scheduled power cuts and life becomes a mess because of scarcity of availability of cold water for drinking purpose and keeping vegetables and fruit fresh in summers or even in winters and used to face storage problems of milk products specially because they need to be kept in continuous cold environment and frequent power cuts ends up with too much wastage of such products because of non-availability of continuous supply of electricity to refrigerators all the time. And even 3-4 hours power cut makes a big impact on the freshness of products kept inside it.

Also, if you know, 70-80% of the Indians prefer to have vegetarian food, hence the usage of refrigerator section becomes more prominent if compared to freezer usage and yes, freezer is also used frequently but when compared, it shall never get more importance then refrigerator section.

Hence, the above-discussed points raise the need to cooling retention during power cuts and shall be highly in demand in future if some company may bring such technology to consumers with more than the required cooling retention period.

And realizing such demands, LG developed a technology named EverCooL™ which is designed on the basic design concept of an additional cooling medium required for cooling retention when there is the absence of normal power supply & the compressor is not working.

LG EverCool Technology Explained

LG EverCool World Record

Based on this basic design need, an additional cooling mechanism (Cooling Plates, Cooling Pipes & Cooling medium – Refrigerant) is installed with control mechanism as a valve which works on the basic principle of thermosiphon & operates only when the power is not there.

The cooling mechanism has main parts Like Cooling Retention Source, Cooling pipes, Refrigerant, Cooling Plates and Control Mechanism Valve.

A closed loop is created with refrigerant stored inside the cooling pipes and this refrigerant comes in motion through valve activation & it activates only when there is no power, initiating the refrigerant flow in the closed loop & cooling through the cooling retention source at top of the refrigerator.

LG PowerCut EverCool

Additional cooling plates ensure cooling retention in refrigerator section for 7 Hours in Frost Free range.

Direct cool works on the concept that cold air moves down & hot air rises. At the top installed are 3 sides of additional innovative cooling retention medium in the freezer and 4th side in the chiller tray ensuring 6 hours cooling retention in refrigerator section which provides 6 hours of cooling retention in the refrigerator section.

In case if you want to see TVC, here you go..

Features of Evercool Technology:

LG EverCool Major Features
  • It provides the longest cooling retention in the refrigerator section
  • Energy consumption is NIL
  • No extra load on the compressor due to Unique cooling gel
  • Cooling provided by power cut EverCool refrigerator is 7 times longer, which ensures cooling of up to 7 hours in the refrigerator portion and 9 hours in freezer portion even after the power cuts
  • The cooling gel used is not hazardous to health and the environment
  • The life cycle of the cooling gel used in EverCool technology is 10 years
  • Fast freezing provides delights at a touch of a button
LG EverCool Refrigerator Features
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Some additional highly valuable features of LG refrigerators combined with EverCool Technology:

  • Health Guard
LG Refrigerator Health Guard Explained

Health Guard is also a unique (and my favourite) technology by LG which preserves the freshness and nutritional value of food by 4-step air purifying system that actively purifies the interior and sterilises up to 99.9% of bacteria.

  • GIDC (Green Ion Door Cooling) and Multi Flow Cooling
LG Green Ion Door Cooling Technology

GIDC adds an additional level of food protection by fighting bacteria and helps eliminating bad odour. And last not the least, Multi AirFlow (with door cooling) evenly spreads cool air and keep food fresh for longer period of time. But It doesn’t mean that you’ll need to store food only at doors but this is an additional feature for keep food fresh anywhere.

  • Organized Space Management provides different sections for storing different items like convertible box, salad bar, spice box, beauty and care box, ever fresh zone etc.
  • Freezer lamp – which will allow you to view food items in the freezer assuming if you’re in a low-lit room.
  • Low Voltage Start Ability (LVS) helps refrigerator to perform optimally even in low voltage conditions and thus it can operate within a range of 135V-290V and will withstand voltage fluctuations, making it virtually stabilizer free.
  • Plus the LG intello compressor has a better energy efficiency ratio, which helps lowering the rate of power consumption too.

Final Verdict

Please don’t count this article as a review of an refrigerator. I wrote this to spread knowledge about this highly innovative technology which is actually needed by consumers who used to face highly frequent power cuts and having a refrigerator which offers cooling retention for even 7 hours (without power) in refrigerator is a boon for them.

Tell us in which state you live and what kind of problems you face with your refrigerator in comments.

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  1. Requesting Spec

    I am from Ethiopia, I need to purchase 230-270L LG Frigde, give the model and the features like power cut hours, antibacteria and deoderizer system, capacity, Warranty, and other specification

  2. I am very satisfied with the Refrigerator. The delivery was quick and as expected. I received call from LG representative within an hour of delivery of the refrigerator and demo was done on the same day. The refrigerator is very spacious. The freezer is also large enough. The Double Door concept is very convenient in day to day life.

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