Mr. Ravi Agarwal and Nikhil Aggarwal are the MD and Co-founder of Cellecor, one of the fastest-growing mobile handset entities in India. They are responsible for all end-to-end operations and finances of the company. After majoring in Economics at the University of Delhi, Ravi Aggarwal started his entrepreneurial journey by stepping into the mobile trading business.

Ravi started his career in the telecommunications industry as a trader and distributor in Delhi, India. He single-handedly established his business and built professional relationships in his early ventures into the markets. The value Ravi created for himself was evident in the way his partners relied on him and his work. His success was owed to the quality and price of the products he sold, often leaving his retail partners wanting more. They often asked him when and what he was going to introduce next. This gave him a new vision to expand his business and introduced Unitel Info Private Limited with a brand under it named Cellecor in 2017 when Nikhil Aggarwal joined him as another partner in the company at the position of Managing Director.

Cellecor started with a vision of growth in offline business structure. With its own manufacturing units and distribution, it yielded a turnover of 4 crores in the first year itself. Sales hit 100-200 crores soon after, and it is currently at a soaring 300 crores with an established online as well as the offline channel.

As a business strategist, inspired by Ratan Tata, the owners of the Cellecor Mobile Ravi Aggarwal and Nikhil Aggarwal like to take on new challenges at work. Their expertise in financial management and product channel management respectively comes from their vast knowledge and experience in the field, and their habit of reading and discussing economic finance and market trends.

Since the beginning of his career, Ravi and Nikhil Aggarwal have valued their partners and team members and have always prioritized their comfort and wellbeing. He wishes to see people working with him become successful before he does because his growth and happiness are tied to theirs.

With an intense zeal for business affairs and a highly focused approach, Ravi Aggarwal and Nikhil Aggarwal have propelled Cellecor to the top league of feature phone and mobile accessories manufacturers in India. They strive to make Cellecor a reliable, one-stop solution and accessible consumer electronic brand offering a range of products from phones, music accessories, and grooming products to home appliances. With this aim, they plan to register Unitel Info Pvt. Ltd. under Initial Public Offering (IPO) by 2024.

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