The world is evolving fast, and in terms of technology and all kinds of gadgets, one can easily feel how quickly everything is changing. We have moved from tapes to compact disks to PMPs, and now our phones do everything, and it’s the primary device for media consumption for a large chunk of people in India. Phones have evolved, and the growing affordability and the 4G boom have transformed the Indian smartphone users. Along with that, people are replacing their accessories as well, like from earphones to wireless headphones to earbuds; the industry’s pace is changing to cater to the needs of the consumers, and it’s fascinating.

These days, you will find people wearing earbuds on the streets, in an office, or even in a coffee shop. It doesn’t matter if someone’s listening to music or making a call or not, but wearing earbuds has turned into a habit of many consumers. However, with this chronic change, there is a specific health hazard that few people would like to address.

The world has changed after the COVID-19 pandemic. From social distancing to aggressive sanitization drives and improved hygiene, people are bound to think more about health hazards and microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. And this situation can not be described in a better way without quoting a tweet by Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson- “As humans, we like to think we’re in charge of our own corner of the universe. But every now and then a microscopic entity reminds us that we are not. Welcome to the #Coronaverse.”

At some point, we all have shared our earbuds with friends and family members, even though we are aware of the fact that COVID-19 is highly contagious, and we often even overlook other issues that sharing earbuds can cause. Some people often leave their earbuds on the table out in the open and pick them up and wear them when needed. These habits might be the doorway to ear infections or allergies.

Leaving earbuds out in the open increases the chance of bacteria accumulation on their surface, and if you wear them without sanitizing them for a long time, you may face ear infections at some point in time. Our ears are built in a way that doesn’t let dust particles or microbes get inside the ear canal. However, when the natural defense mechanism is obstructed and a foreign object, earbuds, in this case, lies in the ear for a long time the chance of infection can not be ignored. Sharing earbuds is another issue that may not be very common within a family. Still, when you share earbuds with people out of your household, we can not simply ignore the risk of getting your ear irritated or infected. Not everyone can go through the painstaking process of carrying a UV sanitizer.

So, LG has come up with a different approach to address this issue. LG’s Tonefree Wireless Earbuds, with innovative UV Nano Technology, can sanitize and eliminate bacteria. It is a unique innovation, and as of now, it’s the first of its kind product in India.

LG TONE Free HBS-FN7 Review – Keeps You Entertained and Safe – Admired By The Audiophiles!

The LG Tonefree Wireless Earbuds come with a UV Nano charging cradle. The LG Tonefree Wireless Earbuds don’t just sound great but also make sure that your ears are protected from bacteria, making sure that Life’s Good when you can enjoy listening to music, staying connected without making a compromise on health and hygiene!

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