What Amazon Echo (Alexa) Can do for you in India

What Can Amazon Echo (Alexa) do for you in India? List of All Commands & Services!

It has been a while since Amazon has launched the Amazon Echo devices in India,...
Here's Everything Google Home Can Do in India

What Google Home Can Do in India?

Google Home is out for quite some time, and since the time it has launched...
Cenava 4K Mini PC Review - Windows 10, 4GB RAM Variant

Cenava 4K Mini PC Review – Windows 10, 4GB RAM Variant

Cenava, or Cenovo? Many of the readers who keep track of mini PCs getting launched...

Samsung India QLED & UHD TVs Lineup For 2018 Launched

Samsung India has today announced the all-new and exciting, Samsung TV Lineup for 2018. The new...

New Range Of HP Ink Tank 315, 415 & 419 Printers Launched

HP Inc. India has announced the new and upgraded HP Ink Tank Printer series for...

What Makes the All-New Whirlpool Intellifresh, India’s Only Intelligent Refrigerator?

We live in a time where automation and refined technologies continue to gain greater importance...

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