Daiwa has announced two new affordable 4K TVs in India- D55UVC6ND50UVC6N. The new 4K TVs from Daiwa features a screen resolution of 3840×2160 and A+ grade panel that brings 1.07 Billion colors and brings incredibly sharp details. The 4K TVs also comes with Screen Capture, comb filter, and picture enhancement features that enhance the picture quality.

Commenting on the launch of the new affordable 4K TVs, Mr. Arjuun Bajaj, the founder of Daiwa, said, “We are excited with the launch of Daiwa 4K TVs in India, that too at the most budgeted prices with the latest in Technology and several value added features. Redefining the 4K TV Market in India, expect the unexpected from the house of Daiwa.”

The smart 4K TVs come with a minimalistic bezel and clean back design so that users can make the TV blend in any room. With its built-in box speaker technology Dolby sound, the TV ensures incredible vocals and perfect sound of music. The built-in high-performance speakers feature a surround sound and output power of 20W.

The 4K Smart TV, with Android support, brings the simplest TV interface that optimizes to bring an effortless and seamless experience. Additionally, the 1GB RAM improves the performance of the TV while watching & streaming online. And 8GB storage for downloading more apps TV to respond immediately which is facilitated by the storage space up to 8GB. Some popular apps are preloaded so that the first use never gets hectic. It also comes with features like the Power Audio volume, Eco Vision, which reduces power consumption for enhanced contrast that reduces on-screen noise. With the M. Cast, any content on phone or tablet can best cast onto the big screen.

In terms of connectivity, there are 3 distinct HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs as well, and for connecting to the internet there is an ethernet port.


The two new models, i.e. D50UVC6N & D55UVC6N are priced at Rs. 29,999 and Rs. 36,999 respectively.

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  1. Review after few days of use.

    Finally my TV got installed through Paytm engineer and I have started exploring it. Here are some of my findings.


    ->Picture quality is really good, I should not compare it with sony tv worth of 1 Lack but with this price tag its super cool picture quality.

    ->Build quality is good with great fit and finish.

    ->Sound is really high compare to other TV with this price range I have seen.

    -> I have seen people complaining about tv is hanging but till now I haven’t face that issue.

    ->Unlike other TVs Accessing one HDMI port and two USB port is not that tough even with wall mounting.

    ->Remote control has both Infrared and Bluetooth connectivity. Its very easy to use, even person without much knowledge can easily use all functionality of this TV. Single click button are cool feature.

    ->Inbuilt Casting feature is working good.

    -> Air-mouse is really cool to use.


    ->All in-build applications do not support 4K video like Youtube, Casting, Hoststar. Max supported resolution is 1080P.(wifi Casting supports only 720P resolution with is worst)

    ->You can only play 4K video by connecting your laptop to TV using HDMI cable.

    ->I really do not understand which type of format inbuilt USB player supports because I had downloaded 4 videos(2 MP4, 2 MKV) but out of that only 1 video played and remaining three I got error that Video is not supported. I have contacted DAIWA support and yet to hear from them.

    ->Remote control with bluetooth is sluggish, not responding quickly.

    -> You can not install any new app because it says not enough memory even though 4 GB memory is available.(Yet to hear from Daiwa)

    So, I can not consider this as 4K TV because there is no way you can play 4K videos in it( I have resuced one star because of this only).

    This is not 100% smart TV because you can not install new apps.(Not reducing any start for this)

    But all and all This is Owsome TV to grab with this price tag.

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