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Asus today not only launched Smartphone and Laptops, but it also announced a robot too i.e. Asus Zenbo – a cute little robot for $599. When connected to the Internet, Asus Zenbo performs various tasks like communicating with people, interacting with home appliances, working as a self-trained remote and many more. Zenbo move around on three-wheels, and has a voice and screen to better interact with human owners. The screen is a multi-touch touch screen, so a user can interact using touch too along with voice. Asus has also released a developer program for Zenbo, so that developers can utilize the power of the SDK to create something intersting with Zenbo. Along with consumers, Asus has also targeted to push Zenbo sales via multiple partner sectors, including healthcare, education and more.

Meet Asus Zenbo Robot – Know About its Features and Usage

Asus Zenbo is powered by Asus’s favourite Intel processor. While specifciations of Zenbo is unknown, the device also seems to have a tracking camera to track a human being when being instructed and to aid the navigational directions. Zenbo supports calling via Internet and seems to have support for cellular networks too for making calls and wirelessly controlling other smart devices around the house. Zenbo also seems to have IR blaster or inbuilt universal remote, using which it can turn off the TV and control other appliances like control brightness of lights. May be it supports Philips Hue then. We also yet don’t know how long Zenbo battery lasts and if it can climb stairs which I highly doubt.

ASUS Zenbo Robot

Asus Zenbo Robot Features

  • Asus Zenbo can move freely and independently around the house and assist anywhere.
  • Asus Zenbo can connect to and control smart home devices, order items online, and interact with connected services.
  • Asus Zenbo can see with his camera, letting him recognize faces, take photos and videos, make video calls, and provide remote home monitoring.
  • Asus Zenbo can speak convenient audible reminders of important information and be an entertaining storyteller for children.
  • Asus Zenbo can hear and respond to your naturally spoken requests and questions.
  • Asus Zenbo can play music anywhere in the house with Zenbo’s high-quality built-in stereo.
  • Asus Zenbo can learn and adapt to your preferences with proactive artificial intelligence.
  • Asus Zenbo can Express emotions with many different facial expressions.

Asus Zenbo Robot Usage

  • Asus Zenbo entertains with music, movies, and photo slideshows anywhere in the home and provides control with easy-to-use voice commands.
  • Asus Zenbo can reacts to emergencies and notifies family members no matter where they are.
  • Asus Zenbo can deliver spoken reminders of important information, such as doctor’s appointments, medication schedules, or anything else that needs to be remembered.
  • Asus Zenbo facilitates stress-free digital experiences by helping with a variety of online tasks, such as browsing social media and shopping.
  • Asus Zenbo can tell fun interactive stories to keep kids entertained during the day and help them relax and fall asleep at night.
  • Asus Zenbo can also teach and entertains with a variety of educational games and fun learning materials.
Asus Zenbo with Kids
  • Asus Zenbo becomes a friend and playtime companion who plays children’s favorite songs and dances along to the music.
  • Asus Zenbo can connects to and controls smart home devices, including lights, TVs, air conditioners, and appliances for ultimate rest and relaxation. With Zenbo’s built-in screen, you can even view visitors at the door and then unlock it with your voice.
  • Asus Zenbo can act as a remote-controlled home camera that covers the entire home, providing peace of mind that your home is safe when you’re away.
  • Asus Zenbo can read recipes out loud so you can stay focused on cooking.
  • Asus Zenbo can also help capturing memories as the family photographer to preserve special moments at home.

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  1. Zenbo's language program and order in Seoul


    I want to buy a Zenbo for my kids in Seoul, Korea. Please let me know where I can order or buy it. And I’d like to know whether it has a Korean language function, if not, any plan to updating Korean program near future? I saw your advertising, Zenbo has English and Chinese programs….
    Hope to hear good news soon.

  2. Does zenbo have kannada language

    I am an Indian and I live in Karnataka and i saw your advertisement about Asus zenbo so I want to buy it would it contains kannada language if so please inform me

    1. Zenbo

      I am an indian i live in dehradun i want to buy zenbo about zenbo zenbo cost in indian rupees and please let me know where i can order or buy it

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