Panasonic Connected Home Solutions Launch Event Mr. Manish Misra, Mr. Manish Sharma, Mr. Daizo Ito, Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal

‘Mirai’ means ‘future’ and ‘ie’ meaning ‘home’ in Japanese, this IoT & AI-enabled platform by Panasonic aims to empower everyday lives of consumers with comfort, convenience and seamless connectivity across all Panasonic devices; by updating the quality of living spaces basis their need and ambient environment. Recently Panasonic unveiled its first range of connected products that will be available in the Indian market under Miraie branding, which includes Connected Air Conditioners, Smart Door Bell and Plugs & Switches.

Mirai platform has been conceptualized and developed at Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre based out of Bangalore. In near future, the company plans to expand its Connected range of products by adding Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Television, fans, geysers, etc giving consumers a full range of Connected Living Solutions for a futuristic home.

Catering to these evolving needs of the consumers, the updatable Miraie platform not only connects and allows access to all Panasonic’s devices in one place but also offers in-built intelligent diagnostics that detect issues in advance maximizing performance and operational lifespan of products. Miraie also recognizes usage patterns and suggests optimal modes extending the best comfort for users. For example, the Connected AC and fan have intelligent and unique features such as the customized sleep mode, it enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to pre-set temperatures profiles through the night for comfort.

Panasonic Connected Home Solutions Launch Event Mr. Manish Misra, Mr. Manish Sharma, Mr. Daizo Ito, Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal
Panasonic Connected Home Solutions Launch Event Mr. Manish Misra, Mr. Manish Sharma, Mr. Daizo Ito, Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal

“As a market leader in the electrical wiring devices, we foresee a world in which various electrical and electronic devices will be IoT and AI enabled. We see these devices getting smarter and can largely be controlled via voice command, even by a child or a senior citizen. Keeping in line with our direction to offer products and solutions that deliver Comfort, Convenience and Energy saving; we are proud to launch our latest IoT Smart products – Vetaar (without a wire). This will enable consumers automate their homes without any hassle or expense for re-wiring. These Smart Sockets, Switches and Sensors can communicate with each other and Panasonic devices through Miraie platform.”

Talking about the launch, Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions added

“I am delighted to share that the path-breaking Miraie platform has been developed at the Panasonic India Innovation Centre in Bangalore. We have been working on this concept for over a year and we look forward to roll it out today. Miraie is an intuitive, engaging platform built basis consumer insights on their evolving needs for convenience, comfort and connectivity.”

Mr. Manish Misra, Chief Innovation Officer, Panasonic India said

Extending enhanced comfort, it leverages Google’s Voice Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa technology to offer seamless and hands-free operations and control devices with voice commands. The Miraie App also offers e-warranty wherein all warranty services and annual maintenance contracts are stored digitally for all products and consumers gets notified if there is change in any status. It also supports consumers to get any spare part of electronic devices replaced with an online request via the app. 

Panasonic commissioned a syndicated research* to deep dive into the mindset of an Indian consumer on their views and experience of connected devices; their awareness of IoT enabled products and their willingness to engage with such platforms. As per the survey report, over 50% of consumers aspire to the idea of connected living with plans to purchase an IoT enabled product within the next 6 months with comfort, convenience and safety being the top reasons.

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