Xiaomi has launched its Mi Router 3C in India for Rs. 1,1199 and we are hoping that the router will get a very positive response from the consumers due to the number of features it has, speed and the pricing. We have also received various kinds of questions regarding this router and many people asked us whether they should buy it or not. So, this is a short FAQ based on our experiences with it.

Before we jump into the FAQ, let’s have a look at the specifications of the Mi Router 3C

Mi Router 3C Specifications-

  • Processor: MediaTek MT7628N
  • ROM: 16MB NorFlash
  • RAM: 64MB DDR2
  • Wi-Fi Protocols: 802.11n, 2.4GHz 2X2 (speed up to 300Mbps)
  • No. of antennae: 4
  • Heat dispersion mechanism: Fanless architecture
  • Ports and buttons: 2x LAN port, 10/100Mbps (Auto MDI/MDIX), 1x RJ45 WAN port, 10/100Mbps (Auto MDI/MDIX), 1x Power port, 1x Reset button, Red/Blue/Yellow LED indicator
  • Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, IEEE 802.3/3u
  • Dimensions: 195mm x 178.9mm x 107mm
  • Weight: 241 grams
  • Security: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK encryption, wireless access control (black list), SSID hiding, Anti-rub network

Now let’s jump into the FAQ!

Q1. Can I use it with BSNL broadband (For ADLS users of any broadband provider)

Answer: This is one of the most asked questions, but sadly if you’re going to take a new ADSL connection you can not just buy this one and connect to the internet. Of course, if you have an existing modem you can connect the Mi Router 3C to it. However, people having fiber optic connections can easily use it with their existing/new connection.

Q2. How many devices can I connect to Mi Router 3C?

Answer: Officially, it supports connection with up to 64 devices (20 PC and 64 IoT) as er the brand. However, if you’re planning it use it for your home just buy it. It can easily handle 20 handheld devices and PC well.

Q3. How to set up the router?

Answer: You don’t need to type in pesky IP address in the browser, figure out and spend time on setting it up. The Mi Router 3C can be setup and controlled using the Mi Wifi App, which is available for both iOS and Android. You can use the app to setup, monitor and maintain the security of your Wi-Fi connection.

Q4. What extra features do I get with Mi Router 3C that are not present on any other router in this kind of budget?

Answer: Some friend suddenly visited your place and needs you WI-Fi? You no longer need to tell them the password and add their MAC address to whitelist as Mi Router 3C comes with pre-configured guest Wi-FI sharing options. It has also got parental controls so that you can control what sites your kids visit, at what time you don’t want them to be online.

Q5. What can the Mi WiFi app do?

Answer: The Mi WiFi app is your gateway to using the router and have all controls of it at one place. You can adjust security and network settings, you can rename your SSID and change password, set the parental controls etc. Also, the Mi WiFi app will always notify you whenever a new device is connected to the router.

Q6. In what scenario should I use it with my existing router?

Answer: As I mentioned in the Q1, you can use it with your existing ADSL modem. Also, if you want to increase the range of your WiFi it ca work great as it has got a good range and if you’re having problems with WiFi network range in your home this can work as a repeater as well.

Q7. Does it offer anything like WiFi connected hard disk?

Answer: No, this one doesn’t support storing and sharing files via WiFi. You can use it to store and share files on different devices but not on the router itself. For this purpose, there is Mi Router 3, which has 1TB of inbuilt storage for easy sharing of files between users connected to it.

Q8. Where to buy the Mi Router 3C?

Answer: Don’t get fooled by retail shops which you promise you this router for say Rs. 1500 or more. They have been doing this fishy business for a long time in case of Mi Phones as well. Here is the sheet regarding price and availability.

Mi Home Store Bengaluru20th May 2017Rs. 1,199
Mi.com23rd May 2017Rs. 1,199
Amazon India8th June 2017Rs. 1,199
Flipkart8th June 2017Rs. 1,199

Som this what a short FAQ regarding the Mi Router 3C and I hope now you know about it well and that can help you in finalizing your buying decision. If you have any other doubts, queries relted to it drop them down in the comments section below.

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  1. Will this work as a range extender (repeater) for the Airtel VDSL connection (Not ADSL) ?

    Will this work as a range extender (repeater) for the Airtel VDSL connection (Not ADSL) ?

  2. Will it work with BSNL FTTH Connections?

    Since it doesn’t have a direct fiber optic port, can the regular Ethernet port be used with the new available BSNL FTTH fiber optic cable? If yes, how?

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