LG is one the biggest brand and quiet popular brand when it comes to Air Conditioners. I have heard many promising reviews of it and yes, it is a good product to buy. So, we are reviewing here Window version of LG air conditioners. (F3J43XGHUXY3)

LG Window Air Conditioner Review

LG air conditioners are more or less good at intelligent features, intuitive functionality, and exceptional performance. LG has always strived to give its products a good value, promising life and great quality as per its price range. Apart from costly O’General AC’s, air conditioners of LG as very competitive and yet they have maintained the required quality which is really desirable to have in a good quality product. This is a review which applies to All models of Window AC’s of LG. Writing Model specific reviews of all AC’s is not a feasible task since all models perform equally with more or less features as per models versions.

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LG Window AC Cooling Effectiveness

LG air conditioners are equipped with LG’s in house technology called “INVERTER V” which optimize vane and louver to operate quite efficiently and its inbuilt powerful skew fan helps strong airflow to every corner of room. That means when air conditioner is initially activated to either heat or cool, the compressor will operate at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly. Once the desired temperature is achieved, INVERTER V technology adjust and constantly vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal function and hence lower power consumption’s too.  For obtaining powerful airflow, it has a fluid dynamic design which means a Reduced Vortex angle for flow inside which decreases air resistance and give stronger and more powerful airflow. So, these AC’s are good when it comes to cooling effectiveness and will not let you down. If you purchase right capacity AC’s for your room, then it’s definitely a good buy.

LG Window AC Build Quality

When we say Build Quality, then it means outer finishing of product as well as inner parts made of good quality as well. And yes, as per talking of outer finishing, the product quality is good. Even detachable front frame does not give any plasticity feeling and we have not heard any wear n tear because of any low quality part. And just like Samsung or O’general, LG is also a very big brand, and such a big name cannot compromise on quality of any of its product. That’s why we buy big brands product with just name.

LG Window AC Looks

LG offers lots of models to choose from. And surprisingly most of the models looks varies as per its tonnage capacity and its features as well as price. Some models have standard looks while some has some premium looks. However when it comes to looks, my personal opinion is Hitachi’s AC are best when it comes to looks but then they are the costliest one. Even Panasonic have came up with few model which are also attractive when it comes to looks but if your looking for a cost effective thing and then wants, it should look good, LG AC’s are good buy for it. However we still think, LG can do little effort in improving the standard or say basic design and i am sure it could drive sales like anything. We have summed up all LG window AC models currently present in market with its pictures below:

LG Window Air Conditioner Collection 1
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LG Window Air Conditioner Collection 2
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LG Window Air Conditioner Collection 3
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LG Window Air Conditioner Collection 4
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LG Window AC Power Consumption

Again as per i wrote above about “INVERTER V” technology which adjust and constantly vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal function. Plus the highly efficient heat exchanger and improved efficiency of the compressor helps in enhancing power efficiency. And the motor it contains is BLDC (Brushless DC motor) which consumes less power with improved output if compared to normal induction motor. Talking of Compressor, that is also BLDC Compressor which works well and is now most widely used compressor these days. LG has strived at making energy efficient AC and because of it, it was awarded First Prize in Manufacturer’s of BEE Star labeled Appliances (Air Conditioner) Sector during the National Energy Conversation Awards 2010. This award is currently instituted and given by Ministry of Power, Government of India.

And most important part is power consumption is highly dependent on how much BEE star rated AC you buy. Almost every company now manufacture and follow the norms as per required for achieving particular BEE star ratings on their products. What matters most is how much the product last following those norms. It must not start consuming extra power after few years of usage. And we never heard of this problem in these AC’s. See following chart for further reference how much energy and money you save as per BEE star ratings product you buy:

Energy Saving Chart with LG Window ACs
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LG Window AC Durability

We really expect our AC’s to work on high summer peak season. This is when an AC real durability and reliability comes in front to us.

MF Condenser

For tackling that, LG window AC is equipped with MF Condenser which enhance the overall product performance & reduce the power consumption if compared to fin and tube condenser. Fin and Tube condenser are not used now a days because they don’t give effective cooling or take much time for cooling at higher temperatures. MF condenser has 10-20% higher heat capacity if compared to fin and tube condenser. Also MF condenser is made up of Aluminium which prevents Galvanic corrosion and hence more product life.

LG Window AC Premium Features

  • Plasma Air Fiter

Plasma Air filter (Branding name in LG AC is PlasMaster) is the most widely used air filter in AC’s today. It is available in higher features models currently. It protects the users from odor and harmful substances floating in air.

How Plasma Air Filter Works
How Plasma Air Filter Works
  • Virus and Allergy Safe Filter

The virus and allergy filter removes virus from air that pose risks to health.

LG Window AC After Sales Service

After Sales Service is a very important now-a-days to remain competitive and having an edge over other competitors. And after sales service of LG is good as all reviews we aggregated. And yeah, when we purchase a product on Brand name, company becomes obliged to provide good after sales service. And critics always remain for almost every company, but this is more important how a company survives and does well in critics too.

LG Window AC Price List

New Updated And 2012 year list:

Model No.

Tonnage Capacity

BEE Star Rating

MRP (in Rs.)




Rs 17990




Rs 21990




Rs 21990




Rs 22990




Rs 23990




Rs 23990




Rs 24990




Rs 27990




Rs 24990




Rs 25990




Rs 26990




Rs 27990




Rs 27990




Rs 28990




Rs 29990




Rs 33990




Rs 33090

Final Verdict

If your looking for an AC with efficient performance and good value for money, then this AC is definitely a good to go. Looks are also good, however a glitch remains at lower models but it doesn’t mean that those are bad. After all, it means the more you pay, the sexier you get.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher. Join me on Twitter. Also, you can add me on Whatsapp at +91-8285555592.


  1. hi i just wanted to say somthing about the LG company services as i am a regular customer of this company and purchased lots of applinces of this brand. But now BEWARE as this company is totaly not interested to give any kind of after sales services now and if somebody visits your home for any complient then their engineers are dont know how to rectify the problem as they are not well trained. As per my recent experience there is some issue going on in my ac i called them for rectify the problem and they send 4 engineer one by one for resolving the issue but i got shocked when they said that there is some problem in the AC which they didn’t understand how to rectify this. So guys i am facing this kind of a responce from the company and would like to warn you to think before purchasing any kind of a product from LG.


      Hello Friends I was going through all the reviews but one thing I must share with you all that From the beginning I used L G product Like L G TV Joy-max 2 from 2003 and till now no complain ,then L G Washing Machine from 1999 but till now it is working without any single defect ,then LG microwave charcoal model of 30lt with out any defect from last 2 years lastly L G refrigerator dura cool 290lt with excellent service from last 3 years but recently from 2 days the lower segment was not cooling due to deposition of ice and dust particles the cold air passage blocks. But within 24 hours of complain the engineer attended the problem and fridge is working with out any complain till date. Now I am planing to buy LG ac . So friends LG is a trusted brand you can go for it.

  2. Which windows AC

    Hello Ankit,

    I see that you have recommended LG ACs.
    I need window AC but my house is near drain and normal AC copper coils get rusted and i need to get coils welded and then gas refilled.
    I saw in comments that LG AC have MF condenser is made up of Aluminium which prevents Galvanic corrosion and hence more product life. But does that also apply to coils…

    I mean for my current window Carrier AC, condenser is good but gas leaks by coils….which AC you suggest for this problem…

    or some other solution.

  3. Lg window ac broken front panel/grill on delivery of new piece

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Dr. Umesh Rai
    Andheri West
    Mumbai 400058
    (25 th October 2015)

    Subject : Broken front panel/grill of new LG AC purchased from Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri West , Amboli SV road

    This is the sequence of events :

    1st week of September, 2015 : I ordered a LG air conditioner from Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri West , Amboli SV road. Mr. Nasir helped me with this . (Nasir Hussain / Nazir Hussain Cell No. : 8*****6676) I had ordered LG AC LWASCP2A1 .

    We are a family of three doctors so we had specifically told them the timings to deliver the AC since no one is at home during the day and had asked them to call and come so as to make sure someone is at home to receive the AC.

    Approximately 3 days later, a wrong model( LG AC LWASCP2F ) was delivered to us. I returned it back.
    After that i went to Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri Wet , Amboli SV road about 7-8 times and told them to deliver the correct model. However, they said that it was not available. So i told them to refund my money back. They then said they will deliver the correct model.

    26 September 2015 : I got a new Bill from Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri Wet , Amboli SV road.(Voucher No. SLS1566033, Invoice No. E584410, Order No. ORD8704166)

    3 October 2015 : The correct model LG AC LWASCP2A1 was delivered. After delivery we had to leave out of town (Tirupathi) .

    11 October 2015 : On return we called the guy for installation since sunday is a holiday for us. While doing so , the installation guy found tht front panel/grill of the AC was broken.

    From, that day onwards, it has been a even more harrowing experience for us.

    12 October 2015 : We went to Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri West , Amboli SV road and complained to them. The customer care service guy Kadar ( Cell no. 8*****6676) said that it is not their fault. He will complain to LG and they will replace it.

    I called LG and said they have not received any complaint.

    15 October 2015 : So a couple of days later I complained once again at Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri West , Amboli SV road and his time
    i got RNA 151015043868. So my complaint was registered.

    The service engineer ( The guy from LG who comes for the free servicings ) came home, checked that the front panel was broken. Told me that it will be replaced. Clicked snaps of the broken panel/grilland said that he will forward it to the company.

    I received a call from Adil from LG (91-1202460177) . He promised me that the broken piece would be registered at at earliest. I am not able to call him back on this number.

    AFter that i did not receive any response from them. On calling LG Service center(28780594) they forward the call to Umesh ( CEll No. 9*****4860) .He told me that , we willl have to pay Rs. 1500 to get the broken grill of the “new AC” replaced. On asking him why i should shell out money for a defective “new” piece, he said that if you had infromed us in 2-3 days from when i paid the bill i would get a replacement .But now its too late. On explaining that the wrong model was delivered and due to the mistake of LG orDigi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), this delay has occured, he would not listen .

    I have repeatedly tried to get in touch with ADIL but i could not get through. Mr. Umesh does not answer my call anymore.

    Finally i called LG and asked About my complaint no. RNA 151015043868.They said the request is cancelled. It is not LG’s responsibility. Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri West , Amboli SV road, the store from where i purchased the AC is responsible.

    On going to Digi 1(A snehaanjali Enterprise), Andheri West , Amboli SV road, they said they cannot do anything. I must contact LG company.

    If the correct model had been delivered initially itself we would have got the installlation done immediately after delivery and would have noticed the flaw in the “new” piece. And even you at LG would have replaced it without me having to run from Pillar to post. I trust that you will look into the matter and justice should be delivered.

    RNA 151015043868 (15 OCT 2015)

    -Dr. Umesh Rai ( CEll No.9*****9675)

  4. Hi, Ankit i bought a 1.5 tonne LG AC 5 star model ‘ no. LWA5CT5A crescent terminator wants to know it is good ac or not

  5. Split or a window AC??

    HI Ankit,
    I am looking for an AC of 1.0 ton capacity for my bedroom. We have a RCC construction of our building hence cannot drill holes in the walls. The construction of building is such that all bedrooms got a provision of fitting a window AC (this slot is currently covered by a glass). I stay on 4th floor of a 6 storied building and absolutely no issue like nearby drainage nor the blockage of AC vent from other side.
    However the pros of having a split AC after going through your reviews tempts me towards split AC. Now in order to fit a split AC, I will need to make the provision for duct outlet through my sliding window as I am forbidden to make hole on the wall (here I will have to fit AC above sliding window & then the duct to be bent downwards through sliding and fixing to the output unit in the grill).
    Please can you advise, if its worth to take all above efforts to go for split AC or can you suggest a better model for a window AC (with minimal noise & highly efficient).
    Thanks for your valuable feedback.