Swipe F3 Fablet is the newest entry by Swipe telecoms in Indian market. Major key features of this phone includes 5″ WVGA capacitive multi-touch display with a resolution of 480x800p, 1 ghz dual core (1×2)  MTK 6577 processor, Android Jelly Bean 4.1 plus it’s a dual sim phone.

Box Contents

Phone Retail box contents are:

  • Swipe F3 Fablet
  • Battery
  • AC power adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Head Set
  • Flap Cover,
  • 2 Back Covers
  • User Manual, Warranty Card
  • Service Center List

It’s a complete pack, you might not need to purchase anything else other than a SD Card which is obviously a must thing for an android phone.


Since, the phone name is itself a Fablet, it’s one of the good looking phone in it’s price range. Looks of this phone highly resemble with Galaxy S3 or Grand, which was also the first impression of many including me who saw the fablet initially. Swipe has taken care of outer looks very well even though the phone looks quiet big in its initial impression. Phone front has 5″ WVGA display with a resolution of 480×800. Right below the display, excluding middle physical button, there are two capacitive touch buttons of menu and exit. Above the display you can find 0.3MP front facing camera with other usual sensors.

Swipe F3 Fablet Review
Swipe F3 Fablet Review

Watch this video we made of Swipe F3 Fablet review:

As you can see, phone has volume rockers on the left top with nothing given at the right. At the top it has power key with 3.5 mm audio jack. And at the bottom, it has micro USB charging port for connecting charger or your data cable for data transfer.

By default, back flap cover is of white color and you can change it with Blue and black colored alternate covers provided within in the box contents. A 5mp camera is given just a top center with flash along with it. Swipe logo is given at the bottom center and you can spot the speaker opening at left bottom.


This phones runs on MediaTek line of processor and inside this fablet, you’ll find 1Ghz dual core MT6577 processor. It has 512MB of RAM which is quiet enough for running daily usage applications including few games like Temple Run 2 too. Total Internal storage of this phone is 4Gb, however you’ll find 512MB of internal memory plus 2 Gb of phone memory for installing applications. After our intense usage, we found out, that on this phone, we should keep the default installation memory to internal memory and then move the applications to phone memory after installing them which supports this feature. Although i didn’t went through doing benchmarks tests, since i wanted to test the phone on actual daily intense usage and it worked pretty well for me. Also while scrolling, no white marks were observed which usually are observed in mid ranged phones.


The camera on  Swipe F3 fablet is 5mp with flash. The camera app given in phone is native jelly bean camera app which is quiet rich in features. You can use this camera for nearby shots, for which it perform very well. However for some distant shots, camera does just a fine job,  not very impressive though. However, the camera could have been better in clicking pics with much more detail which we can expect from a 5mp camera. I have added sample pictures taken with the camera. Here are the sample pics:

Swipe fablet F3 camera sample Swipe F3 fablet camera sample

You can record video upto 640x480p resolution, which is a good thing but the video quality is above than average. Works very well in good light and at places with lower light, you can see the video for it. Output of videos will be in 3gp format. Here is a video sample:


This phone boasts a display of 5″ WVGA capacitive multi touch with a resolution of 480×800 which is not a bad thing to have. Although the display never turned me down in any manner, the only thing which could have been better is the brightness. Because of that, it become some difficult to use it in sunlight. However colors are great and viewing angle is also decent and satisfactory.


As i observed, there are not much changes from stock jelly bean android other than a swipe application is added, which adds his icon in menu too. Startup of phone will show you few slides of images of Swipe. However the overall experience in using this phone is nice and you’ll never complaint about it.

Battery Life

This phone got a huge 2200mAh battery at its back. Even though the screen size is 5″, you can manage to run on full charge for 24 hours with decent 3G, wi-fi usage including nearly an hour on voice calls along with usage of whatsapp, viber full day.

Final Verdict

There is nothing as such any big negative point about this phone and yes, it has some real good positive points which increases it’s USP overall. This phone is definitely a good buy since it comes in a price range of Rs. 9000 approx. and getting a phone with such big screen in such price range is a real steal.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher. Join me on Facebook and and Twitter. Also you can add me on Whatsapp at +91-8285555592.


  1. Swipe Fablet F3 .. loved it

    I completely agree ..bought this phone and i m quite happy with it … i had no intention of spending 20 – 30 thousand on a phone and that too when we dont use it for more than a year .. this phone definitely is a real steal .. good looks, good performance and a warranty of 1 year with 2 back covers and a flap cover … worth it !!

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